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Pre-emptive strategy advice needed for 2023 Rookie Draft (SuperFlex / TE-Premium Dynasty League) (1 Viewer)


I’m in a 12-team Super-Flex/TE-Premium Dynasty League (28 roster spots per team) and own the following 2023 rookie picks:

1.04 / 2.01 / 2.04 / 2.12 / 3.04 / 3.12 / 4.03 / 4.04 / 4.11 / 4.12

My biggest weakness is at QB as Dak Prescott is my only starting QB. When Dak’s healthy I am very competitive since the rest of my roster is relatively solid. Problem is, when he went down this year I pretty much got destroyed. My other QBs are decent emergency back-ups WHEN THEY ACTUALLY PLAY (T. Huntley / G. Minshew / Skylar Thompson / M. Corral), which none of them did when Dak was out. By the time Huntley and Minshew started, I was already out of contention for the playoffs. So obviously I need another starting QB. Unfortunately, my league holds tight to theirs. This means moving up to grab either Stroud or Young in the draft as I doubt either will be there by 1.04

Based on the current Rich Hill NFL Draft Value Chart, I’m considering offering the following to the top 2 pick holders simultaneously and seeing which one bites:

1.01 for my 1.04 / 2.01 / 2.12 (Hill value of 1.01 = 1.04 / 2.08 / 2.12 = +7 spots)​
1.02 for my 1.04 / 2.01 (Hill value of 1.01 = 1.04 / 3.02 = +13 spots)​

Do you think this is a sound strategy? Or is there another way I should play this? I’d prefer to only use draft picks as my chips since, well, I have SO many thanks to last year’s draft.

Trading opens up again once the NFL regular season ends so I want to be ready to jump before they start receiving other offers.


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