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QB, RB & D help (1 Viewer)



QB pick 1- Brees vs pit, Ryan at car or Trubisky at sf

 RB Pick 1: Henry vs was or D.Willams at sea (looks like Ware out)  

D pick 1: NE vs buf, ATL at car, CLE vs cin

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Brees at QB.  Terron Armstead is expected to play.

Prefer Derrick Henry to Damien Wiliiams for yardage, but Williams could get catches and possibly more total points scored by Chiefs-Seahawks, so more opportunity for TD.  Slight lean to Henry.

I think the Patriots Defense could be vulnerable to a running QB - their LB's are slow.  Of course Bellichick knows how to play with the mind of a young QB, so that's the biggest point in the Patriots favor.  I would lean to the Browns - Bengals are down Dalton, AJ Green, and Tyler Boyd.  Cleveland should also get Denzel Ward back.

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