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10 team PPR league...20 yd = 1 pt....

do I go with A.A.ron rogers @WASH or cousins home vs. BUF...

round 2 question...WR help. 1 PPR...fitzgerald (bust??) or keelan cole??

thanks for the responses and leave urs so I can help ya also

rest of my team looks like this...

QB   rogers/cousins

RB   cook/kamara/conner/d. lewis/a. jones/drake/ j. kelly

WR   fitzgerald/thielen/cole/kirk/j. brown

TE   burke/kittle


K     tucker

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so your not thinking that cousins is gonna light it up against BUF? he did just out duel rogers...I still got a W this week but rogers got me 20 and I left cousin's 47 on my bench


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