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Question for those in Playoff Fantasy Leagues (1 Viewer)


Since it's a battle of attrition, obviously kickers become much more important because of their weekly point output. My question is if you were able to pick two kickers, is it better for them to be from the same conference or one from the NFC and one from the AFC? There are arguements that can be made for both sides (I won't bias any replies by engaging in them yet), but want to know what the sharks think.

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I will always take the kicker that I feel will be on the winning SB team. This year its Vandy (last year Akers...I was content to get 3 games from him). I will also take a kicker that plays week 1 whom I feel has a better than 50/50 chance to win their week 1 game (I will most likely take Vinatieri this year).I spose it all depends on your scoring system. If you are allowed to start more than 1 K at a time then I would select the kickers from both the #1 seeds.

It doesn't really matter if the kicker is on the winning SB team as long as the kicker plays in the superbowl. I took J. Brown myself, Vandy was chosen before me.

But won't the Super Bowl player only play in 3 games versus the guy that you think will be at the LCG but odds are (in the selectors opinion) he likely won't make it to the SB? i.e Vinatieri gets 3 sure games and a potential for 4 vs Vandy who has max 3

All valid points, but my question had more to do with taking two kickers from the same or from different conferences. If you take two kickers from one conference, you increase the odds of having a kicker who plays in the superbowl (in other words, you've covered two of six possible superbowl kickers from one conference.) The other possibility is taking one kicker from each conference in the outside chance that both make it to the Superbowl and you lock all other competitors out of the chance of gaining any fantasy kicker points in the big game.

yes, kicker is one that i believe it is best to take two from the same conference. pick the two that match up well and good chances are that you'll get 4 weeks of kickers. it's a higher percentage play. You can take vanderjagt and let's say kasay if you think carolina will win, but what if both lose in the second round? wouldn't you rather have vinatieri and vanderjagt. you'll have a 1 in 3 shot of having 4 weeks of kickers, and i'm sure the odds are better than that based on both teams post season success


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