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Rate my draft will help with yours (1 Viewer)


12 man standard 

QB: Mariota

WR: A. Cooper

WR: Crabtree

RB: D. Cook

RB: C. McCaffrey

TE: ASJ(gotta figure out something here)

Flex: D. Henry

K: Lutz

Def: Green Bay (streaming)


LeSean McCoy



Kelvin Benjamin

Adrian Peterson

Corey Clement

Thanks. Leave link for your question.

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Pretty good, a lot depends on McCoy. You could be golden if he doesn't get suspended. Personally I don't like Funchess (especially in standard) and I think you would have been better off with Ivory instead of Clement.

RB is definitely your strength with the young studs.  Mariota will be better than people think with a new offense.  I'm not sold on Crabtree and Cooper though, especially Crabtree.  I just can;t drink the kool aid when he'll be expected to be the main man.  Solid team but I Cooper and Crabtree will drive you nuts.  If McCoy comes back solid with no issues, you'll want him and should consider trading a RB for a WR possibly.

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