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Rate my Team 12 team ppr league (1 Viewer)


I just finished drafting my team in my #1 league

12 team ppr snake league where I picked 5th (5th snake)

My team:

QB: Trevor Lawrence, Bryce Young (start 1)
RB: Derrick Henry, Bijan Robinson, James Cook, Tank Bigsby, Jaylen Warren, Kenneth Gainwell (start 2)
WR: Calvin Ridley, Jahan Dotson, Brandon Aiyuk, Zay Flowers, Michael Pittman, Nico Collins (start 2)
TE: Darren Waller, Sam LaPorta (start 1)
K: Brandon McManus (start 1)
Defense: SF 49ers (start 1)

I realize that Bryce Young is not the best QB2. Towards the end of the draft there was a run on QBs and I just barely missed on Brock Purdy.

Thoughts on how I did and how you think I will do this season? you can be honest I appreciate any feedback.
You don't need a QB2. You need a QB for one week so you may want to take a look a the week T-Law has a bye and see what waiver QB has a good matchup that week and see about getting that guy.

RB/WR/TE are really nice. you should be set for a good season.

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