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Rate my team please. 10 team .5ppr (1 Viewer)


Rate my team please, leave a link & I'll circle back and take a look at yours. 

Drafted 4/10  .5 PPR  Start 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 W/R/T 1 D 1 K   

QB Luck (13) 

RB Zeke (1) Alex Collins (4) Rex Burkhead (7) Jamaal Williams (9) Chris Carson (11) Peyton Barber (12) Aaron Jones (14) 

WR Julio (2) Keenan Allen (3) Chris Hogan (5) Marvin Jones (6) Will Fuller (10) 

TE Trey Burton (8)  Gesicki (16) 

D Bal (15)

K Lutz (17)

drafted Gesicki second to last and wihle I like his chances, he'll be the first to get dropped.  


Dynasty? Redraft?

Based on the draft selections I believe this would be redraft so I'll rate it as such.

Getting Luck around pick 120-130 is a steal, I wish you would have followed that up with a solid backup though.

Zeke is awesome, but I am not a big fan of Collins so RB2 could be an area of weakness for you.

Solid WR core.  this is the strength of your team starting Julio and Keenan weekly and most likely Hogan/M. Jones in the flex spot.

TE seems like a weak spot for you.  Gesicki I believe is unstartable this year and Burton is a flyer at this point.

redraft yes.  

Yeah, I should've grabbed Stafford instead of Gesicki. Big miss there.  

Thank you 
Stafford over Gesicki would have been huge in my opinion.  Stafford is as solid as they come and with Luck you can start him once he looks elite again or if not you have a solid starter in Stafford.


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