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16 team dynasty salary cap league

Also, anyone who you think is a good sell candidate holla.  

1 DT = McCoy

2 DE = C. Jordan, Sheard, Wake, Curry, Turay

3 LB = Lee, Edmunds, D. Davis, Vernon, J. Smith, Vigil, Bowman, F. Warner, K Young, R. Wilson

2 CB = I Oliver, empty

2 S = J Adams, Hyde, Vaccaro, J. Jones, J. Simmons

1 idp flex

tckl = 1.5, asst = .75, sack = 5, TFL = 1, INT = 5, FR = 2, Safety = 6, FF = 4, PD = 2, TD = 6

P.s.  I recently grabbed R. Wilson off the waivers.  Kiser is available but don't have a spot open.  Should I drop Wilson and pick up Kiser?  Dorian O'Daniel is also available on waivers.

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