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just had my 10 team 2 keeper PPR draft...I had the #6 pick and heres my results..
QB herbert
RB taylor
RB mixon
WR metcalf
WR mooney
TE waller
Flex jav. williams
Def Bills
K Carlson

ryan(QB), henry(TE), SD(Def), damion pierce(RB), r. penny(RB), Tyrion Davis-Price(RB), elijah moore(WR), aiyuk(WR), jameson williams(WR)
love to see your guy's opinions


Solid team all the way around. Weakness would be WR as you have quite a bit of risk with Metcalf as your #1. You may be able to move that great RB depth to get a more consistent WR1 at some point down the road.

Waller is also a bit of a worry as he seems to have a hamstring (or knee - can't remember) issue and seems to be questionable for Week 1.


Great team. You should make the playoffs in your league. I'm high on Aiyuk this year, and I wouldn't worry about Metcalf...he will get his. You have great depth at RB. I would keep my eyes open for a few back-up receivers.

Keith R

The Don
Concur. Outstanding core of Taylor/Mixon, great QB, top 5 TE if healthy. Metcalf/Mooney (or Aiyuk) is not a bad combo and if you have a weakness, it's best for it to be at this year's deepest position (WR) so it can be addressed through FA. Assuming balance through the rest of your league, you could easily be the favorite.

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