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Ray Rice at #9 (1 Viewer)


I have Ray Rice available at #9 in my work league. Am I missing something? Not sure he should have fallen this far. Trent Richardson also there so a tough call.

Can we get more questions about your team and how to draft for it in the Shark Pool please?

But hey, lets have more of these threads and lets keep having people ask to move the Hernandez thread to another forum.

This is the only Rice thread I can find from my phone. Looks like full blown rbbc in Baltimore. Rice is only playing every other series.

This is par for the course and how it was last year. He will cobble together around 20 points, you're not really happy with the game, but its more effective week in week out than most other backs.

Still happy I took him at 1.06.

All Flacco is doing now is throwing streaks, need to out together drives.

RIce got the goal line touch and scored. That's the most important thing. Yes, Pierce is getting more touches than last year, but he hasn't done anything special.


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