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RB and WR help (1 Viewer)


My RB1 & RB2 are Jamaal Charles and C.J. Spiller.

Now I just need help with my RB3/WR spot, which right now I'm deciding between McFadden, Ballard, and Mendenhall. I like Ballard just based on the Colts playing the Raiders even though he's project below McFadden and Mendehall. Or I could put one of my receivers in this spot which I'll talk about next.

My top four receivers are: Demaryius Thomas, Pierre Garcon, Jordy Nelson, and Steven Johnson. Right now I have Thomas and Garcon as my WR1 & WR2 and have Nelson and Johnson on the bench.

Any suggestions for my RB/WR, WR1, WR2 spots?


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