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RB Dixon or one of the Williams? (1 Viewer)


Baltimore RB Dixon coming off IR.  He was likely gonna be the starter this year for Balt. Had a nice week 1 and hurt his knee - moved to IR.  I get the Gus Bus - but he's hurting and the team may shift quickly to the hot hand which could be a fresh Dixon. My gut has Dixon getting many carries down the stretch.

KC is intriguing.  I get Ware is the guy stepping now. Damien Williams is a receiving back who looked good when back in Miami in a short stint. KC went out and grabbed this guy in free agency and spoke well of him being a starting caliber talent. But, I think the other Williams - undrafted rookie - whom Reid added to the roster instead of practice squad because afraid of being poached could be the sleeper here. He's showed strong in preseason and is a quick cut back.  My gut is telling me Reid wants to see what he has in the rook for the future and the now. Reid likes to prove to people he is a Belchick like genius.  Might be right - with some ways to go.

Thoughts on which of the three to gamble on? Leave link will answer yours.

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Ware, in a sense, is their "proven" back-up RB. Both Williams have their strengths but Ware will for sure see majority of the load - as a receiving back for Damien, he's still going to compete with Ware for touches THEN Hill/Kelce/Conley/Watkins for targets. It's difficult to see now but if you have a deep league, then go ahead and stash him. If not, don't worry about him.

And I wouldn't sleep on Edwards, the more Lamar plays the more Edwards thrives - defenses won't be able to cover both + Edwards racked up 200+ yards & 40+ carries in two weeks - that says something. Sure ankle injury but Dixon won't see many targets or attempts since he was out since Week 1.

Ware/Edwards > Williams/Dixon


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