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RB2 - Edwards or Adams? (1 Viewer)


12 team full PPR, with K Johnson out this week, I need an RB2.  My choices are G Edwards and J Adams (A Collins on my bench too but not considering him).

With Jackson starting again at QB for the Ravens this week, I was leaning towards Edwards, since he was featured so heavily last week with Jackson under center.  Adams has looked great, but Philly has stuck with their committee, limiting his touches.

But as of about an hour ago, Ian Rapoport is reporting that, starting today and going forward, Adams will be the starter and featured in a bell cow role.  So he is now the play over Edwards, right?

EDIT: and now Collins has been ruled out, making Edwards more attractive.  Dammit...

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Adams, word is he’ll be the feature back. Great matchup and has a better body of work than Edwards, who exploded one week against a bad defense.

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