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Reaching the Conference Championship game this decade (1 Viewer)


Now that Arizona has reached the Conference Championship game, 12 of the NFC's 16 franchises have reached the Conference Championship game since 2000. That's a pretty good percentage. The only holdouts:

Detroit (duh)





SF was last there in 97 and Dallas in 95. Detroit and Washington both last appeared in 1991.

Philly has reached 5 Championship games, and Carolina and New York have each appeared twice this decade -- all other NFC teams have been there once since 2000.

The AFC has been more dominated by some outstanding franchises -- half the 16 teams have yet to reach the Championship game this decade. They are:

Jets, Miami, Buffalo

Cincy and Cleveland

Jacksonville and Houston

Kansas City

Teams appearing in the Championship game since 2000 have been:

New England (5)

Pittsburgh (4)

Indy, Baltimore, Oakland (2)

SD, Denver, Tenn (1)

Houston has never been there. Jags last appeared in 99, Jets in 98, Buffalo and KC in 93, Miami in 92, Cleveland in 89 and Cincy in 88.

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