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[REDRAFT] 2006 DL #1 (1 Viewer)

2006 Redraft DL #1

  • Dwight Freeney

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  • Julius Peppers

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  • Jason Taylor

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  • Michael Strahan

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  • Osi Umenyiora

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  • Aaron Schobel

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  • Charles Grant

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  • Will Smith

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  • John Abraham

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  • Adewale Ogunleye

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  • Terrell Suggs

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  • Robert Mathis

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  • Other

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Red Herring

Please post your reasons for your pick, especially if you pick other! Tick, we'll use your scoring example -- .5 points per half-tackle, 3 points per sack / INT / FF / FR -- unless you're not cool with it and I'll come up with something. If you vote other and leave a name, we'll add him to the waiting list; feel free to nominate others for the list as well.

We'll let this run for 3 days, or until we get a clear winner. Any suggestions, I'm all ears!

edit: I voted Strahan. I think the combination of Osi as competition, as well as taking a little pressure off him will = big numbers.

Final edit: Jason Taylor is the winner in a close one. watch for poll #2!

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I went with Jason Taylor. Osi only has one good season, I am not willing to put him down as #1 yet. Maybe in 2007. Strahan is getting older. J Taylor is the best all-around safest pick. Freeney does not get enough tackles. I had Peppers #1 in 2005 but he stunk so much that I cannot rank him #1 in 2006 again.

I think some other guys deserve consideration especially once we settle who is #1, for example D Burgess, J Allen, S Rice, B Berry, R Mathis, K Vanden Bosch, etc.


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