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Redraft from the 4-Hole, PPR 10-12 Team, want to share a mock and compare notes (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

I am one lucky son of a biscuit, I have one of the best co-hosts for the morning FF show on my son's ride into work, we go back and forth, it's been awesome competing in leagues with him.
And he says to me, let's try it a different way, let's try and take players we sometimes avoid or moan about and just see what happens without all the bias.
I said OK, let's roll. And so I will share one of the mocks we put together that I would say is risky but I have a feeling many of you will like it just based on things I'm reading in here.
10 or 12 team PPR Redraft QB 2RB 2WR 2 Flex TE etc...

1-Bijan Robinson-RB, I'm already not liking this but I'm riding shotgun. Might be gone by #4 but usually 1-2 WRs go early. I don't think I could take him over Ekeler but assume he's gone
2-Garrett Wilson-WR, Would love to have AJ Brown or maybe D.Adams but they don't last past Mid 2nd and we like Wilson better than any WR coming back in Rd 3.
3-Jahmyr Gibbs-RB, He'll never be there in the 4th Rd and rather than wait and kick ourselves for not pulling the trigger, we take him. I love his upside for the Lions. 2 Rookies as our starters
4-Cal Ridley-WR, Most of you know I have been especially hard on this guy but it's Redraft season and you must Draft in the NOW. Here we are and MoP says great WR2 with some upside
5-Trevor Lawrence-QB, And that's part of the reason for Ridley in the 4th, double dip all season with these 2. Bullish on Lawrence in year 2 with Coach Doug
6-Alvin Kamara-RB, we're taking risk, we know he's missing 3 games, we have a plan.
7-James Cook-RB, It's possible we might move him up into the 6th and take RB like Swift who is very appealing with what we are doing. 2 Flex spots and we're gonna have options.
8-Johan Dotson-WR, camp reports are off the charts for him. I don't know much about Sam the QB there but I think Dotson is going to produce some big plays.
9-Odell Beckham-WR, The Joker, The WIldcard, MoP likes Zay Flowers but Odell should be just fine as WR4, bye week filler or Flex options.
10-Tight Ends, Seems like Kmet, Schultz and Kincaid are all going in about this range. We don't see a lot of difference, one of those reasons we left it alone.

And now we reach that moment in the conversation where my son informs me about who he wants as the QB2, you're gonna love this. That's why i want to invite @travdogg who works on the rankings, @Hot Sauce Guy and I went toe to toe on this player coming up and yes @humpback might actually get a smile out of this one.

"Dad, we gotta take Anthony Richardson with one of the these late picks"
Sadness came over my face, this is one of the most unlikely QBs IMHO that is going to make waves his rookie year and I keep going on and on...
"Dad just shut up and listen for a minute. If he bombs, we'll cut him, what's the investment at this point?"
He makes a good point and I want to show you how we sometimes get so invested in our own bias or opinions that we can't get out of own way sometimes on Draft Day
So as much as MoP doubts ARich, this entire draft has been about taking risk and so this should likely be no different and MoPJr is right

Good luck in your upcoming Redrafts, feel free to post up your spot and I'll try to help in any way I can.
I saw some other threads with positions as well, I'll check in and look around.

-I am kind of warming up to this one, would prefer AJB 2nd or even Mahomes in the 2nd but it's interesting.
Cheers Everyone!
From the four, huh? Let's assume twelve teams just for ease of use.

Bijan Robinson - 1.04 I just took at four in Summerpalooza. That was too high, but I wanted a share this year. I've got it as Jefferson, McCaffrey, Ekeler, Chase, Kelce, Robinson, Hill, Kupp, Barkley, etc.
Garrett Wilson - 2.09 I'd be very wary of Aaron Rodgers and a new receiver. Rodgers just skeeves me out this year. He might not make it to twenty-one, either.
Jahmyr Gibbs - 3.04 means he's the twenty-eighth pick, which is about four above his ADP. I'm fine with it.
Calvin Ridley - 4.09 - He probably won't make to you, but it's not a bad pick. He's going around 4.04, so if he slips, pounce. If not, you can take Kenneth Walker, Justin Herbert, Dameon Pierce, or MIles Sanders. These guys are all in the 4.09 range.
Trevor Lawrence - 5.04 - FIne. About in range
Alvin Kamara - 6.09 - Has skyrocketed up to an ADP of 57. He won't make it to you. That's about twelve picks too late.
James Cook - 7.04 - Sure. Why not. ADP of 78 and you get him at 76. Really like the player
Jahan Dotson - 8.09 - About right on. Why not? Love the player
Odell Beckham - 9.04 - I'd be really wary of Beckham and that injury history, but it's about right for ADP
Anthony Richardson - 10.09 - He might not make it to you

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