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Replacement for Mayo WW kinda thin (1 Viewer)


Lost Mayo, other LB's are Donald Butler, Brad Jones, DeMeco Ryans and Luke Kuechly. Butler and Jones are hurt so I am left with Kuechly and Ryans. Ryan's bye isnt until week 12 and Kuechly has already had his. We start 2 LB, 2 pt per solo, 1 per assist, 4 per sack, 3 per Int\Fumble rec. Any of these guys worth picking up off the wavier wire or should I sit tight with Ryans and Kuechly until Jones and\or Butler gets healthy? Here the top 5 avaliable with total points scored so far...

DeAndre Levy Det - 104

Daryl Smith Balt - 95

Justin Houston KC -93

Erin Henderson Min - 86

Kevin Burnett Oak =85

Thanks in advance

4 DeAndre Levy Det - 104

3 Daryl Smith Balt - 95

2 Justin Houston KC -93

1 Erin Henderson Min - 86

5 Kevin Burnett Oak =85

That is the order I would take them and once Brad Jones is healthy he moves to the top of that list.

Sorry about the wrong spot, it was kinda late when I posted. The main point was with Butler\Jones\Ryans would it be better to grab Henderson or just sit tight? Butler worries me because he has issues staying healthy. I like Jones and Ryans has really surprised me.


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