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Report: Rash of steroid tests includes Deuce (1 Viewer)


Report: Rash of steroid tests includes Deuce

Josina Anderson of My Fox Colorado cites an NFL source who claims that there has been a "rash of positive tests" under the steroid policy.

Saints Deuce McAllister and Will Smith were two players included in group of six to ten. The NFL source claims the positive tests were the result of players taking "water pills" to lose weight, but water pills also contain a masking agent for steroids. We hesitated to post the story because Anderson is on her own here and the story is far from certain. However, she has been out in front on similar stories in the past. The players would be subject to a four-game suspension, but the case could already be under appeal if true. Oct. 24 - 11:36 am et

Source: Myfoxcolorado.com - Rotoworld


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