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Just completed a 10-team non-PPR, 6 points per TD pass league draft last night. I picked tenth and don't have the RB depth I wanted, so worrying about this team. Will work the wire and already exploring trades, but the values of the RBs that were available to me felt like a reach compared to other positions. I just couldn't pass on the skills of other players that did feel like a value. Now I am awfully thin...thoughts on this and what you would do?

QB - Brees, Luck, Mahomes

RB - M. Gordon, D. Henry*, Kerryon Johnson, Breida, Ekeler

WR - OBJ, Ju-Ju, J. Gordon*, M. Goodwin, K. Cole, Golladay

TE - Kelce, T. Burton

Thanks will answer yours!
(* - keeper)

No need to roster 3 qb's in a 10 team league, also Ekeler is totally expendable. I wouldn't try trading at this point in time as you probably won't find many willing trade partners right after a draft but heck if someone only drafted one QB try to deal one of them. If not drop Ekeler and Mahomes and pick up some fresh meat. In a 10 team league there should still be multiple rb's worth picking up.

What are your league starting requirements?  You have more WRs rostered than RBs.  Unless it's a mandatory start 3 WR league, you could also drop Cole (and I echo what @beerbuff said, you don't need 3 QBs unless it's a superflex).  

We start 3WRs and a flex (WR or RB). Definitely don't need three QBs. But I thought they lasted too long on the board being 6 points a TD pass.

RB got hit so damn hard I felt people were reaching...but maybe I've misread their values. Like having Ekeler since I own Melvin, but not opposed to dropping him. Best remaining backs are: Latavius Murray, Chris Ivory, Gore, Montgomery, Yeldon (meh)

I doubt you'll get anything of value by trading away one of your QBs, because it's a 10 team league. There shouldn't be anyone hurting for QBs right now, unless there are other owners like you who snapped up 3 of them and you created a shortage.  Brees is your starter, I'd hold onto Mahomes just for blow-up potential (see if he becomes this year's Watson) and let Luck go, because you're not starting Luck over Brees (I wouldn't imagine).

I wouldn't drop Ekeler for Montgomery, because it's non-PPR, and because Montgomery isn't going to get enough volume with Williams as the primary back (and Jones soon).  Montgomery just offers limited upside.  I'd rather hold onto the SD backfield because if Gordon goes down, Ekeler WILL get the volume.  

I'm not saying don't get Montgomery, I just wouldn't drop Ekeler for him, I'd drop Luck. 


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