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Ricky to the Broncos? (1 Viewer)

Yep.  So what?  He made a mistake.  It's over now. 

Look, Williams is a smart guy...weird, but smart.  No way he disappears again.  He's back, and he's proved he's still damn good.  I would LOVE to have that guy.  He's not close to the cancer TO is.  He'll shut up and play.

And I could care less about a professional athlete smoking pot.  You wouldn't be able to field a team if that was a priority.
It's not that he smokes pot. It's that he's a solid candidate for a suspension related to drug use, as well as being a total flake who left MIA in complete disarray when he suddenly went AWOL on them after the draft to try to find the meaning of the universe or whatever he was looking for.Between the drug suspension possibility and the instability in his personality, why take a risk with him? Is Shanahan that bad with personnel decisions that he has to risk striking out while he is swinging for the fences to hit a homerun with a team that went to the AFC Championship? Let the teams that are further away take the huge risks. Fill in the holes with solid players who are solid citizens for a vet team that needs only a couple of parts to move up the food chain.
Basically, your argument is predicated on not letting his past transgressions go. I believe that's weak...especially after he has proved himself, which was not easy. People make mistakes. I actually think he is a good guy.The guy is back. What, you think he's going to get up and leave again? NO WAY.

The risk/reward here is tremendous. I don't see a lot of risk anymore.
Very rarely do you see someone get :own3d: like this. Your rants gave me a nice laugh this morning. Thank you.
And if Ricky appeals and wins we'll be sure to the the same to your post.
Whether he appeals or not, your quote "The risk/reward here is tremendous. I don't see a lot of risk anymore" is funny as hell. And for that my friend you got :own3d: .

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