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***RIP*** Lazy Lester (1 Viewer)

Lazy Lester and Lightnin' Slim  the fathers of Swamp Blues, could toss Slim Harpo, Lonesome Sundow, Silas Hogan in there.

But, he was not one of the top 25 ever.

Muddy Waters

BB King

Robert Johnson

Son House

Bessie Smith

Charley Patton

Blind Lemon Jefferson

Big Bill Broonzy

John Lee Hooker

Howlin' Wolf

Ma Rainey

Memphis Minnie

Lightnin' Hopkins

Jimmy Reed

Little Walter

Lonnie Johnson

Leroy Carr

Blind Blake

Furry Lewis

Albert King

Blind Willie McTell

Tampa Red

Victoria Spivey

Blind Boy Fuller

Lowell Fulson

Sonny Boy Williamson

Sonny Boy Williamson II

Otis Rush

and some others far more revered in the blues world.

But, being aware of the guy, cool~~~~~~~

Blues freak here,  over 6000 blues CD's, a mini library.

In my opinion it gets no better than this.....


Swamp Blues


This is considered to be the first blues on record, while debatable, why fight it?



While that is a bit jazzy, we did see that "country" blues with the 1924 recordings of Ed  Andrews, Papa Charley Jackson and Daddy Stovepipe. Only Jackson well know today (by blues freaks).

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