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Ronde Barber (1 Viewer)


Shawn Culcasi
When Barber got his 20th career sack this past weekend, he became the first cornerback to record 20 sacks and 20 picks (28 picks, in his case). There have been other players, at positions other than cornerback, to accomplish this feat, but I haven't seen a list posted. The first two that popped in my head where Rodney Harrison (27.5 sacks, 31 picks) and Donnie Edwards (only 18 sacks with 24 picks). I didn't think Ray Lewis would (23/21), but he joins Barber and Harrison as the only three active defenders in the 20/20 club.How about the old timers? since 1982...One of my personal favorites, Seth Joyner: 51.5 sacks, 24 picksLeRoy Butler: 20.5 sacks, 38 picksWilbur Marshall: 45 sacks, 23 picksWilliam Thomas: 37 sacks, 27 picks


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