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Root Root Root for the Home Team: POLLS ARE CLOSING (1 Viewer)


Rays here (after evolving from an early Manhattanite and Bombers fan).

I also spend time in PDX and work with many who have moved from there to Tampa...it feels smaller there (which it is), while also feeling more congested. Both areas are growing but Tampa seems like it’ll be able to scale out more easily.



follow the Tigers daily

from afar


became a fan in 1967 - the Impossible Dream BoSox led by Yaz (triple crown MVP) won the pennant by one game, the Tigers lost a doubleheader to the California Angels, with the season ending by **** McAuliffe hitting into a double play for the first (only) time all season

how could I not be hooked after that?

earliest memory of going to Tigers Stadium was watching four large black me pick up an MG two seater to move it a few feet so we could fit our station wagon into their front yard

anyone else remember every house around Michigan & Trumbull being a parking lot?  :lol:

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