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Round 2 - 12 team ppr (1 Viewer)

The Dude

So looking at post 8-14 ADP in 12 team redrafts ppr on MFL, round 2 looks like this:

Forgive the formatting

So the purpose of this exercise is to move somebody by more than 2 spots up or down. Or to find someone not on the list that should be on the list - and where he would fit.

I provided one extra pick as some of you are going to get hung up on Josh Allen at 2.09. Let's just lock QB at 2.09 - he is not a pick you can replace except with another QB.

So to start the ball rolling, I would replace Tyreek with Pittman - that's a huge move - like 8 spots. But I think Ryan still has it in him to support a top 8 WR. Not sure that Tua has it. I would also take Tee Higgins over Hill.

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