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Running Back depth charts 2023 (1 Viewer)


For discussion- all per Our Lads:
Arizona Cardinals:
Conner- Starter with 3 down role.
Ingram-Clement-TySon Williams- Demarcdo? Scott?

Ingram feels like the starter in waiting if Conner goes down. Not sure his skill level as a 3 down option or if the other backs are pass catching specialists. Expectation- OLine average, QB play unknown, Offensive staff and system all new. WR corps downgraded. Bottom 5 overall offense is possible so TDs may not be overflowing but passing to RBs seems likely. Conner a value at cost per current ADP, Ingram likely an injury away guy that won't be drafted in redraft. No knowing how much of a committee will form in this situation but for me, Ingram should be on late round radar as long as he's able to not be locked in an un-usable committee on a bad offense. My personal opinion is that Arizona will be better than people think and Conner will be a great value in the 6th.

Atlanta Falcons:
Bijan Robinson- Starter with 3 down role.
Allgeier- Patterson-Igwebuike, Washington

Allgeier and Patterson will both be used situationally, Allgeier probably more as a runner and Patterson in limited time in the hybrid RB-WR role he excelled in 2021. Heavy running scheme and OLine great run blocking. Overall offensive firepower limited by lack of consistent/ explosive passing QB and scheme but should be mid to slightly above average. Ridder/Heinecke will not be stealing much RB work though. Overall team RB PPR points should be top 5. Bijan being picked late first is likely a "safe" pick but may underperform expectations given the overall talent is off the charts however Allgeier and Patterson will likely each have weeks of fantasy relevance and be on the flex radar, especially Patterson in PPR and Allgeier in standard. Allgeier will provide RB2+ value if Bijan goes down and is therefore a great late round RB pick and bench stash in redraft.

Baltimore Ravens:
JK Dobbins- Starter in timeshare with less likely passing down role.
Edwards-Hill- MelGO- Mitchell, Wright

Dobbins holding out for a contract but has no leverage to speak of. Top 10 (5?) talent as a runner that has a ceiling of a top 10 fantasy back if the role is there. Monken's usage of RBs will likely involve an uptick in passing to RBs over the Roman offense but Lamar may not be inclined to check it down if he can take off for 12. However if it all comes together and Dobbins talent wins out in a significant timeshare as a true 3 down back, he will be a league winner IMO. If Monken uses Edwards like the last OC, he's also a great value at his price tag as a guy with some flex value, especially in half or no ppr leagues. If the OC splits the passing down work to Hill or Mitchell there may not be much excess value in any of them. Overall offensive ceiling is high so there's a huge amount of potential for TD upside for Dobbins and Edwards in particular. Mitchell has camp buzz but at 5'-9, 191, PPR flex is about his ceiling IMO.

Buffalo Bills:
James Cook- starter in limited running role, has passing role
Damien Harris, Latavius Murray, Darynton Evans, Jordan Mims

Great offense with a lot of short yardage vulturing and not a lot of passing to RBs. James Cook is being drafted late enough that he'll likely return some value at his price tag in PPR leagues. He's and undersized but explosive runner who does well as a pass catcher. Lack of passing to RBs and lack of usage in short/ goal line and overall touch limitations will keep him from being much of a high upside play. Will likely have a few games with long runs given his speed and his usage in the passing game. Murray and Harris are battling it out for the between the tackles job with Murray impressing, especially as a pass catcher. This may be a 3 headed backfield that won't return consistent value barring an injury.

Carolina Panthers:
Miles Sanders- starter with 3 down role
Chuba Hubbard- Balackshear- Spencer Brown- Camerun Peoples

OLine did a great job last year bulldozing for D'Onta Foreman so the assumption is that though the rookie QB will limit the overall offensive ceiling (along with the lack of high end pass catching talent). Expect Bryce Young to keep everyone afloat --enough--with his nifty playmaking ability. Chuba was unimpressive enough as to warrant the Sanders signing so don't expect much more than low end RB2 numbers if Sanders goes down. Blackshear is undersized but functional in the passing game so expect a committee if Sanders goes down. Sanders himself is a fair value mid 4th pick that has the potential to be a back end RB1 if the OLine is as effective as it was last year, the offense can sustain drives and he can catch 45 balls, all of which are attainable. Chuba's lack of ceiling makes him a non-target for me as a late round injury away guy.

Chicago Bears:
Khalil Herbert- starter with limited role
D'Onta Foreman, Roschon Johnson, Travis Homer, Trestan Ebner

Overall offense should be improved from last year with some improvements to the OLine and the addition of DJ Moore to the WR corps. Herbert's numbers last year have him as a fantastically efficient runner but will likely have a somewhat limited workload both as a ball carrier but most starkly in the passing game where his usage is almost non-existent. Add in Fields work on the ground and the relative strength of the depth chart both as runners and as pass catchers and it's unlikely he's got much of a consistent ceiling. Expect some fantastic games where he breaks off runs but also expect lots of goal line and passing work to go elsewhere. D'Onta Foreman in particular may have some weekly flex value and Johnson may carve out a role soon given his versatility and talent. Ebner and Homer are known for their work in the passing game so there's a ceiling for Herbert, especially if they're down and in a more pass-friendly mode for stretches.

Cincinnati Bengals:
Joe Mixon- starter with full 3 down workload.
Trayveon Williams-Chase Brown- Chris Evans-Jacob Saylors- Calvin Tyler Jr.

Mixon took a sizeable haircut on his deal to stay on the team. The overall offensive potential for the RBs on this team is so high and Mixon's role seems very secure, despite the major downtick in his efficiency numbers last year. He spent most of the year last year leading the league in unrealized point potential. The lack of team interest in Perine is a head scratcher for me as the backup options also lack high end talent. Given the possibility of legal woes for Mixon, this is a backfield that seems ripe for a FA signing or some unknown depth guy to carve out a role. Chase Brown may be that guy but the team also hyped up Williams and has shown no inclination to upgrade their depth. Your guess is as good as mine. Head on a swivel here as this has potential to be the out of nowhere value that swings power in your league.

Cleveland Browns:
Nick Chubb- starter with likely 3 down workload- possibly full bellcow.
Jerome Ford, Demetric Felton Jr. - John Kelly, Hassan Hall

Top OLine, good defense and a big fat who knows between Deshaun Watson's ability as a passer and playmaker and the offensive system's needs at QB. Given Chubb's ability as a runner and seemingly expanding opportunity in the passing game, the ceiling is overall RB1 this year if the offense is able to get on track. Ford seems to have RB2 locked up but has been battling injuries. Felton is an undersized back and may have the edge as a route runner. Ford has a fairly high skill level as a runner so expect him to spell Chubb and return some value as an injury away late round pick that likely won't have much flex value. The team letting Hunt and D'Ernest Johnson walk suggests they trust Ford and Felton to fill their shoes.
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Dallas Cowboys:
Tony Pollard- starter with 3 down role
Rico Dowdle, Malik Davis, Deuce Vaughn, Hunger Luepke

Overall top 10 offense with significant TD and passing roles for RBs should provide a high ceiling for Pollard even if his overall touch volume isn't as high as some folks wish, given his efficiency numbers have made him the darling of fantasy stat heads for years. Overall top 3 is in play but unlikely if the touches are limited to 20. The Dowdle RB2 took some by surprise but RSP subscribers were on this guy a while ago. He's been plagued by injuries but has talent, as does Malik Davis. The coaching staff seems confident in the depth chart. Deuce Vaugh is a very undersized but super explosive option that will likely not see enough usage to provide consistent value. Expect either Dowdle or Davis to provide possible value as injury away guys but this one will require some attention to keep track of.

Denver Broncos:
Javonte Williams- Starter with 3 down role in a likely timeshare
Perine, Badie, Tony Jones Jr., Jaleel McLaughlin

Javonte is the poster boy for talent that hasn't reached it's potential. All signs so far point to a somewhat remarkable recovery from a devastating multi-ligament knee injury of the sort that kept Dobbins from reaching his potential for his entire year after injury. Perine and Javonte will likely be splitting reps with the possibility of Javonte taking over as his talent is immense. However, the skeptics among us expect Javonte's ride to be a fits and starts year on an offense that could struggle mightily given the OLine woes and Russ Wilson's inconsistency. He's a risky pick in the 6th that has top 12 RB upside but could easily disappoint. Perine has a better floor-ceiling combo at his price point given RB2 upside if Javonte is down for a spell. McLaughlin is an undersized back that could carve out a PPR friendly role but Javonte and Perine are also adept pass game options so he may be 2 injuries away and even then won't be getting a big role.

Detroit Lions:
Jamyr Gibbs- starter with limited rushing role, passing role (Ourlads has him #2)
David Montgomery, Reynonds, Jemar Jefferson, Snell, Ibrahim, Ozigbo.

Top OLine, top 8 scoring offense with loads of points available in terms of TDs and PPR RB catches. May lead the league in team RB PPR scoring. Gibbs is a star in the passing game and has the speed and decision making to do well enough on the ground to be a plus there too even if his frame won't hold up to 20 plus touches. Montgomery is expected to scoop up enough goal line work, short yardage work and is also viable as a pass catcher. Gibbs current third round price tag should be a good value in PPR leagues. Mongtomery also should return value at his 8th round price tag and in particular because of his ability in the passing game and overall size, has RB1 potential in any week where Gibbs is out.

Green Bay Packers:
Aaron Jones- starter with limited rushing role, passing role
Dillon, Patrick Taylor, Tyler Goodson, Emmanuel Wilson, Lew Nichols, Nate McCrary

This offense seems like it could be middle of the road or could struggle. Aaron Jones is just always good and especially in PPR even if he's getting to be well beyond the age when we worry. Dillon lacked explosiveness last year and I worry about his role even though he is somewhat capable as a pass catcher. Jones should still be a solid value where he's going late 3rd round but the overall top 6 RB days are likely behind him. Dillon, especially in PPR seems like he's a guy with a limited ceiling. Maybe some other Packers fans can fill in the gaps here as I'm not sure if Taylor, Goodson or the others here are folks we should keep an eye on.

Houston Texans:
Dameon Pierce- likely 3 down role
Singletary, Mike Boone, Dare Ogunonwale, Gerrid Doaks, Xazavian Valladay

Pierce wore down a bit last year as a rookie who'd been on a limited work load at Florida. He's an extremely tough runner that's also capable as a pass catcher. Stroud and an improving offensive line will likely struggle to provide lots of offensive firepower which will somewhat limit the ceiling as well as the possibility of the team managing his workload by using Singletary and Dare O situationally. He's a fair value in the 4th but not a guy that's going to win you your league. Singletary is a late round guy may have borderline weekly flex value and RB2-3 value in case of an injury.

Indianapolis Colts:
Jon Taylor- workhorse back may be traded or hold out and is maybe still battling an ankle.
Zach Moss (broken arm), Deon Jackson (quad), Evan Hull, Jake Funk, Kenyan Drake, Scott Zavier, Jason Huntley (possibly Kareem Hunt?)

OLine has quality has dropped off quite a bit in the past couple of years. Richardson is wowing in camp but has a ways to go likely to be a consistent NFL QB. Taylor is still being drafted in the 2nd round and you have to wonder how much TD or passing is going to be available for whoever ends up being the RB in this offense. If Taylor is in and healthy, the talent is certainly there to be a top 5 back. However rushing QBs are most often not dumpoff QBs and the environment will be inconsistent at best. Deon Jackson looked good at times last year so he's probably the play, however Hull is an adept pass game option and the possible addition of Hunt (who looked like he lost a step last year) could make for a very yucky timeshare if things don't work out with Taylor.

Jacksonville Jaguars:
Etienne- Starter with limited role
Tank Bigsby, JaMycal Hasty, D'Ernest Johnson, Snoop Conner, Quadree Ollison

Everybody is high on this offense right now. Folks are expecting Lawrence and the offense to continue ascending with passing and running game options. Etienne is as explosive a back as there is but the team has brought in backs to supplement his deficiencies which are short yardage and passing where he is not comfortable catching the ball. Depending on the splits, Etienne could easily be a good value at his late 3rd value. However if Bigsby scoops up enough TD and passing work, that may be a price tag for disappointment. Hasty as a pass catcher and Johnson who impressed in his stint with Cleveland last year, could make this a bit of a mess if Etienne or Bigsby go down, however Bigsby would likely be a plug and play RB2 in that scenario and may even be a flex worthy play without an injury to Etienne.

Kansas City Chiefs:
Pacheco- starter with limited role
McKinnon, CEH, Prince, La'Mical Perine, Jerrion Ealy

Offense of course is one of if not the top in the league. Pacheco is working his way back from injuries and is the presumed starter though he may not have much of a role in the passing game where KC generates a ton of their TDs. On the flipside, KC's schemed passing TDs likely require some balance to keep defenses honest. And Pacheco is a better pass catcher IMO than he got credit for as I believe he was nursing the shoulder and hand injuries. His mid 6th price tag is fair and IMO has room to be a value. McKinnon is also criminally underrated as a fantasy play and will likely be free money again this year in PPR leagues where he's going in the 11th and has the potential to be delivering RB2 or flex value with some weekly TD upside. CEH is on the bubble and Prince is getting a ton of camp buzz, however I think it's still Pacheco and McKinnon's jobs to lose.

17-32 tomorrow.
Great analysis. Areas that are intriguing:
Arizona: The Cardinals RB2 situation is very interesting. The RB1 is perpetually injured. Ingram could be a free asset to stash with a high probability of providing value later on.
Denver: The Broncos had a poorly constructed roster that was amplified by a serious coaching problem last year. But this roster is not any better and the coach is just another guy that needs a HOF QB to win games. So the running game really hinges on Wilson recapturing his all pro form. This seems like a spot on the board to not place any bets and avoid at all costs.
Detroit: Loved Gibbs at #12 for the Lions. They have the easiest schedule against the run. He could be PPR gold. This seems like a spot with great value.
Las Vegas Raiders:
Josh Jacobs- full bellcow but currently holding out for a contract or a trade.
Zamir White, Ameer Abdullah, Branden Bolden, Damien Williams, Brittan Brown, Sincere McCormick, Darwin Thompson.

The offense has full stinkage potential with an OLine that runblocks well but will is susceptible to pressure up the middle and may not be able to buy time for a QB that doesn't work well down the field. Short passing may be the way here this year which may actually provide some PPR running back value. The best thing this offense did last year was to provide the FF community with two top 3 positional options. This year, those two are both in question. If Jacobs is back, expect another RB1 season out of this versatile and powerful back that does very well in passing and running game. Zamir White is also a good back but will likely cede passing game work to some of the other RB options and be a step down from Jacobs as a runner. Draft value will be all over the map until the Jacobs contract situation gets sorted out. If he's sitting, Zamir will be startable IMO but not have the ceiling of Jacobs.

Los Angeles Chargers:
Austin Eleler- starter with 3 down role, high passing volume.
Josh Kelley, Isaiah Spiller, Larry Roundtree, Elijah Dotson, Tyler Hoosman.

With new OC Kellen Moore in town and fully healed Herbert ribs and Rashawn Slater, there is hope for this to be a top 3 offense. Ekeler's past two seasons have been a great display of his prowess in the passing game and his ability to be a great rusher too, especially in the red zone. He's on the record as saying he prefers to have a capable backup and to share running duties but nobody seems to have really stepped up. Expect another great season out of Eke even if he's ceding 10-12 carries to the other RBs. Spiller in particular was highly touted and seemed to struggle last year. It stands to reason that if the vertical passing game takes away some of the dumpoffs to Eke, the possible TD upside will balance that out. Kelley, Spiller and Rountree will likely be splitting up the work if Eke is down unless Spiller lives up to his pre-combine draft hype and starts making guys miss. The talent is there for him to be valuable in that scenario.

Los Angeles Rams:
Cam Akers- starter with possible full bellcow usage
Kyren Williams, Zach Evans, Ronnie Rivers, Royce Freeman

Quite a superbowl hangover for the Rams last year and a year to forget. Still not much hope as the OLine is not greatly improved, Stafford's neck and elbow are made of stale breadsticks and the team has zero elite weapons in the passing game minus Kupp who is banged up again. Still, the offensive staff is creative and if Stafford and Kupp are healthy could valult them back into respectable condition. The RB situation last year was also bizarre as "starter" Akers was benched for Henderson, seemingly was forced to leave the team for a few weeks and then finished off the year by leading the league in snap percentage for 4 games. The offensive scheme doesn't pass much to RBs and if the TDs aren't there, you're relying on the high and somewhat erratic late season usage as an indicator of 2023 Cam Akers usage. If that persists, he's a value. Kyren is getting camp buzz but is more of a pass catching back in a system that doesn't do much of that. The true diamond in the rough is Evans who has the rushing talent to take over. However in 2023, this backfield is a bit of buyer beware. Thankfully the 7th round pricetag for Akers is a pretty significant ceiling play compared to most of the other backs in that range. If he goes down, expect Evans to take over and be a respectable RB2. Maybe.

Miami Dolphins:
Raheem Mostert- timeshare starter-
Jeff Wilson Jr. , De'Von Achane, Salvon Ahmed, Miles Gaskin, Chris Brooks

I think most folks have a reasonable expectation of a timeshare in terms of the rushing and passing RB work between the first 3 names. The overall offensive system was very effective for a long stretch last year but leans on quick and accurate decisions from Tua who does that well when not concussed. I think the top two of Mostert and Wilson will be below flex scoring in terms of projectable volume until we see otherwise or in the case of an injury-- which both of these guys have a history of. As a result, they're both good values in the 11th round as guys that are an injury away from providing great RB2 value. Achane is absolutely electric and handled a very high volume of touches in college despite his small frame. Still, NFL history suggests that they won't lean on him for more than 15 or so touches to keep him from breaking down. I'd expect a handful of great weeks from him with the possibility of him being reliable. He was much more durable than people assume. He's a late round guy that could be a gem but odds are not high.

Minnesota Vikings:
Alexander Mattison- starter with 3 down role
Ty Chandler, Kene Nwangwu, DeWayne McBride, Abram Smith

Kevin O'Connell did a nice job with this offense last year and this team will be a top 10 scoring team that throws to the RBs. So there's a lot of points available in this backfield. Mattison is a controversial back in terms of the underlying talent. 2021 Mike Davis taught us all what the running back dead zone was if we didn't already know. If you're just another guy, the threshold for being overtaken is low. Ty Chandler and Nwangwu both have enough talent to possibly siphon value. How much, nobody knows. Mattison's efficiency metrics were low but his explosive run rate was worthy of RB1 consideration and he's used in the passing game. So he absolutely has the potential to be a great value in the early 6th but could also be 2021 Mike Davis in 2023. Chandler vs Nwangwu (and even McBride, Smith) will be an interesting camp battle that Chandler seems to have the upper hand at the moment. Still, until things clarify, I'm not confident in drafting any of these guys in a redraft league. Maybe Chandler in a PPR league as a late stash.

New England Patriots:
Rhamondre Stevenson- starter with 3 down role
Pierre Strong, Ty Montgomery (injured), Kevin Harris, JJ Taylor, CJ Marble- and hosting visits weekly

Mercifully, turning the page to the Billy O'Brien era has little rays of hope for us fans for the possibility of something north of total ineptitude. Still, the OLine is 1.5 Tackles short of a good starting 5 and the pass throwing and catching options are not high octane. Stevenson showed last year that he's talented enough to be an RB1 for fantasy. He has has the size, power, elusiveness and pass catching prowess to lead the offense. None of Strong, Harris or the others have the firepower to threaten what will be his featured role but the coaching staff will be wary of over-use to try and keep their best weapon available. Expect the other 4 guys to get mixed in situationally. They like Montgomery in the passing game but he's never been healthy for a game. A bottom third offense will keep Rhamondre out of the top 6 but should be a top 12 guy.

New Orleans Saints:
Kamara- starter once back from suspension with 3 down role
Jamaal Williams, Kendre Miller, Kirk Merrit, Ellis Merriweather

With a reasonable OLine and some good passing game options, as well as a QB that passes frequently to the RBs, this has the potential to be a top third PPR RB scoring backfield. However the fact that there are three guys splitting the work will likely make this an inconsistent play until clarity emerges. Kamara is of course suspended for 3 games. 2 years ago he was one of if not the best running back in a PPR sense. For 3 weeks, I'm expecting a split between Miller and Williams, leaning Williams. Once Kamara is back, I'm expecting Kamara>Williams~Miller. Fully healthy Kamara. However if Kamara has truly lost a step, Miller is very talented and may see his role expand down the stretch if the team is contending and it's clear that he's popping on the field. Williams in the 11th is a 3 week play- because he's two injuries away from being an RB2 at that point IMO. Kamara in the 5th is a super high variance pick. If he's Kamara of old, it's a smash. If he's in a 3 way timeshare losing work down the stretch, yikes. Miller is the play but even him- in the 12th- is a play on him mostly taking over for the upside.

New York Giants:
Barkley- starter with full bellcow role
Breida, Gary Brightwell, Eric Grey, James Robinson, Jashaun Corbin

Offense will likely be middle of the road again. Barkley is one of the league's best bets to be the RB1 as he's demonstrated power, speed, elusiveness and pass catching to be one of the top weapons on his team and in the league. If the improvements to the OLine and the addition of Waller and the 17 slot receivers help Daboll and Jones moving the chains, he's a no-doubt top 5 RB. The backups are uninspiring which leads one to believe not one is worth drafting in redraft. It's really unclear how the work would be split up as not a one of these guys is talented enough to take over in an injury away situation. This is a backfield to monitor from a distance IMO. Bijan will be a good, solid value where he's going late first round.
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Las Vegas Raiders:
The offense has full stinkage potential with a bottom OLine

Full stinkage offense potential, yes. Bottom OL, no. They actually were one of the best run-blocking OLs in the league by the end of last season. Jacobs played great last year, but his OL was also plus unit for him, and they are returning all of their starters and depth from that group. Watching this situation closely for Zamir as a major value pick in teen rounds if Jacobs' situation takes an uglier turn by week 1 (it might).
New York Jets:
Breece Hall- starter with 3 down role
Michael Carter, Zonovan Knight, Israel Abanikanda, Travis Dye, Damarea Crockett

With Aaron Rodgers in town, Beckton healthy and an above average pass catching core there is hope for a top 10 offense that was plagued by inconsistent QB play last year. Rodgers passes to RBs and in fact has a history of passing to them in the red zone as an extension of the running game. Expect top 12 PPR RB points from this team. Starter Breece Hall is recovering from an ACL and so will be an unknown commodity on your draft day. He is an extremely effective runner that makes guys miss and has the long speed to break away on any touch. Also adept as a pass catcher, his ceiling is top 3. However as he recovers fully, there is a likelihood of the team limiting his workload. Carter is an undersized back, very capable as a pass catcher but also sneaky good as a runner. Knight looked good in his time on the field last year and Abanikanda has high end speed. Hall's 3rd round pricetag is fine as long as he stays healthy. Even in a 18-20 touch role, the numbers should be there to pay off with both high upside and high downside. In PPR leagues, Carter is a viable late round stash with some injury upside but won't be a league winner. Knight is two injuries away but capable.

Philadelphia Eagles:
D'andre Swift- starter in limited/ pass catching role
Kenneth Gainwell, Rashaad Penny, Boston Scott, Trey Sermon, Kennedy Brooks

Top OL, top 5 offense but not a lot of passing to RBs and a QB that vultures double digit TDs. Swift's 7th round price tag seems dubious to me. His role in my opinion will likely be more of a pass catching role which I'm not expecting to amount to much more than 35 catches. His history suggests that he will end up ceding most of the work in the run game to others where Penny, when healthy, will be the top back on this team. Gainwell is also adept in the passing game and is will get work as a rusher. Scott will vulture TDs, like every year. To top it off, Sermon and Brooks are both very skilled RBs that could each earn roles given the right situation. Swift could pay off but Penny in the 10th is my bet here. Also if injuries crop up, this is a waiver wire watch as Brooks and Sermon are both RSP faves.

Pittsburg Steelers:
Najee Harris- starter with 3 down role
Jaylen Warren, Anthony McFarland, Darius Hagans, Greg Bell, John Lovett

Modest improvements from Pickett and the OLine should move the needle up even if Matt Canada's offensive system is not a modern offensive marvel. Najee has the power, size and pass catching prowess to again be a top 10 back, however his lack of explosiveness leaves him susceptible. He should be a value as a late 3rd pick, however Warren has put himself firmly on the radar as a guy that will get consistent if limited touches due to his explosiveness and versatility. Warren is a great late round injury away stash that could easily emerge as a weekly flex option even without an injury.

San Francisco 49ers:
Christian McCaffrey- starter in 3 down workload
Elijah Mitchell, Jordon Mason, Tyrion Davis-Price, Jeremy McNichols, Khalan Laborn

Top offense with loads of RB opportunity. McCaffrey if healthy will once again be a top 2 back. The elite pass catching skills, like Eke will keep him leading the league along with his skill as a runner. However the days of weekly 30 ppr point expectation are probably behind him as he will get spelled by SFs talented depth. If Eli Mitchell is healthy (always dicey), expect a 10-12 rush workload. Mason or TDP could also fill this role. McNichols was more of a passing game option in his TEN days. This backfield always provides lots of fantasy points but has a history of being unpredictable. Grab Mitchell late as a (maybe) flex worthy (especially in half or non ppr) injury away guy but Mason may vault him this year.

Seattle Seahawks:
Kenneth Walker- starter in limited role (?)
Zach Charbonnet, Dee Jay Dallas, Kenny McIntosh, Bryant Koback, SaRodorick Thompson Jr., Wayne Taulapapa (amazing name)

Almost a carbon copy of Jacksonville. The OLine hit on some gems last year and Geno was also a diamond in the rough. 3 very good pass catchers. This offense should be able to consistently put points on the board and offer TD upside even if the RB passing game is not elite. Walker is likely a good value in the 6th given his excellent explosive running ability, however Charbonnet will likely be favored in short yardage and passing situations once he's up to speed with the pro game. Walker's lack of pass catching usage will limit his overall ceiling but will still put up some top 6 performances due to his ability as a runner, however if Charbonnet is down, other backs will get passing work and maybe some of the short yardage too. Charbonnet on the other hand has no true limitations to his game should Walker miss time. A lead back role for Zach could be an RB1 in those weeks.

Tampa Bay Bucaneers:
Rachaad White- starter in 3 down role
Chase Edmonds, Ke'Shawn Vaughn, Patrick Laird, Sean Tucker, Ronnie Brown

Likely a rough year for this offense as neither Baker or Trask inspire much confidence. The OLine had some trouble last year keeping the chains moving with Brady. The Defense should still be stout so there may be some close games but they may also be on the field often. White will be given the chance to start with a 3 down role but was unable to prove that he can be much more than a versatile back that does everything pretty well but nothing spectacularly. As a mid 4th round pick, that seems like a dicey proposition. Edmonds has flashed over the years in passing down work but has bounced from team to team. He could take over the passing down work if the team wants to spell White that way. Vaughn has had years of opportunity and not forced his way onto the field. The name to watch is Sean Tucker who was unaware of a heart condition that was discovered during the combine. If healthy, he could be the best runner on the team. He's going undrafted but one to keep an eye on as the year progresses.

Tennessee Titans:
Derrick Henry- starter in 2+ down role
Tyjae Spears, Jonathan Ward, Hassan Haskins (legal trouble), Julius Chestnut

This offense is kind of a conundrum. Worst OL in the league in terms of pass pro. But a team that always seems to find a way and will likely be competing all year and a defense that should be able to keep most teams in check. Tannehill has been provided with some good weapons in Hop, Burks and Okonkwo and some reasonable depth. Henry has a long history of making fantasy players that pass on him regret it. He's a special talent who's ability to run 30 times for 200+ and 3 TDs on any week is unmatched in the league IMO. His passing game usage ticked up last year. As an early 2nd round pick, he can absolutely be a value. Spears, however is also a very talented back and may begin to siphon touches, especially in the passing game where he's more adept than Henry. Ward is a smaller back but Haskins and Chestnut are big bodies that can do a Henry impersonation if asked. Spears is a great late round target as the talent is there for him to have a significant role if Henry misses time and maybe even carve out a flex worthy role without Henry missing time. If Haskins legal trouble is significant, Chestnut would be the guy to step into the thumper role with some non ppr TD upside.

Washington Commanders:
Brian Robinson- starter in limited role
Antonio Gibson, Chris Rodriguez Jr., Jonathan Williams, Jaret Patterson, Derrick Gore

Hope springs eternal with new OC Eric Beinemy and the wicked witch of the NFL ousted. Howell is getting some good camp buzz and so the offense in general has good vibes. With 3 good pass catchers, there is reason to believe that this offense can provide some good fantasy value. Robinson should receive most of the rushing work as a mistake free grinder who will rely on TDs for upside. His pricetag in the 10th is fine but don't expect a scenario where he's able to take over and garner enough of a passing workload or explosive plays to win your league even if Gibson gets hurt. Gibson is a ppr value in the 10th due to his ability as a pass catcher and more explosive runner. However, the team really likes Rodriguez so there's a chance that he'll cap the upside of either Robinson or Gibson in an injury situation.

Free agents of note:
Dalvin Cook- wants to be paid like a top back. Still possesses explosive running ability and 3 down skill set. Will be major disruptor to wherever he lands. He's probably waiting for an injury to a starter. He's being drafted in the 7th as the presumed starter-- somewhere.

Ezekiel Elliot- excellent pass pro and short yardage back will be able to land somewhere and will siphon goal line touches.
Lenny Fournette- above average as a pass catcher and can still provide some pass and pass pro game value
Kareem Hunt- also above average as a pass catcher and can provide some value
All three are late dart throws right now but dubious as their skills have eroded to the point of not being able to take over large enough roles to be anything other than RB2 or flex worthy plays.
Zamir White has excellent burst and decent power, but his vision is sus and he has little to zero wiggle. If the blocking/holes are there, he can make plays, but anything off schedule and he is lost. I see a backup NFL RB at best here. This was my impression of him last year and he looked exactly the same today. Josh Jacobs he is not.

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