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Salary Cap Space (1 Viewer)

el centro

Here's the webpage:

A few people have asked me about the "cap spending" column and what is included in it. This is just the top 51 spending and does not include dead money. Dead money is included in the cap space. I'll work on adding a column for the dead money in the future. Hopefully this provides a nice running estimate that can be used. If you have any tips or corrections please feel free to email me.Team Cap Spending Cap SpaceBrowns $83,958,966 $46,622,155Bengals $86,001,582 $45,523,805Dolphins $80,160,472 $45,028,906Colts $77,854,576 $43,544,252Buccaneer $99,491,461 $32,872,205Eagles $110,109,999 $32,440,721Jaguars $107,129,578 $26,630,698Patriots $98,594,517 $25,369,201Falcons $91,228,951 $21,551,651Packers $109,251,940 $20,640,927Titans $114,553,157 $20,116,942Bills $106,818,609 $19,840,314Broncos $118,582,319 $18,598,605Ravens $99,717,329 $18,264,866Chiefs $112,784,143 $17,222,810Seahawks $118,998,144 $17,127,219Vikings $117,227,904 $15,041,304Lions $107,264,434 $9,386,876Jets $113,424,143 $8,186,238Chargers $116,164,960 $7,796,511Texans $117,520,920 $7,767,693Cardinals $117,557,441 $5,792,669Bears $121,894,822 $4,201,205Cowboys $114,055,956 $4,065,932Giants $113,363,360 $3,832,113Steelers $121,280,926 $2,542,94549ers $122,427,485 $1,043,717Raiders $110,467,187 ($510,378)Rams $119,867,777 ($919,681)Panthers $126,278,157 ($2,319,548)Redskins $106,713,900 ($2,657,164)Saints $127,957,490 ($3,030,180)

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