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San Diego 16 point favorite vs KC earlier this week. A bit excessive? (1 Viewer)


I know KC isn't a great team, but Thigpen's been playing great the last 2 weeks. And is there anyone who doesn't think Jamaal Charles will run on SD? Anyone think this -16 line is a bit excessive considering they went to NY and only lost by 4 to the Jets who have won 4 of the last 5 games. They almost beat TB as well, I think you take the +16 and run with it.

Just checked, the line dropped to +14.5 for KC which is still a lot.

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They'd have a bye and are at home, and it's a long road trip for KC. On top of all the obvious things (KC sucks), the Chiefs are hurting right now -- no LJ, no KSmith, starting RDE out, Derrick Johnson out, starting FS either out or seriously banged up, their best secondary player Brandon Flowers hurting.

I strongly suspect SD covers. Regardless, the over is the play. I fully expect SD to hit 35-40 points, and under Thigpen KC should be able to get a couple of TDs.

The Chargers are going to cover easily. Hopefully the new defensive coordinator can light a fire under that under performing defense.


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