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Satellite league waiver question (1 Viewer)

Drunken Cowboy

I am playing in on of the $35 Satellite leagues this year. I am looking at making a few moves this week. Some players are showing up as unavailable, dropped in week 10. Is this some rule I didn't know about?



Yes they have a dumb rule in satellites which don't allow players to be picked up after week 10.  For the main event that's fine but for satellite's it's dumb to lock out players when you have to go 6 more weeks of waivers.  Great site and most rules are good but this one is terrible.  I tell them every year they need to change it and it's a bad rule but it falls on deaf ears.  It is so easy for a team to get a couple injuries at QB or RB and be totally screwed and not be able to pick anyone up.


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