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Scoring Touchdowns by Length (1 Viewer)


I am in a new league (12 player-redraft-not ppr-QB ,2rb, 2wr, te,flex,K,d/st, 15 round draft) that gives a bonus for length of all offensive touchdown (pass, rush, recieve).  A 1-9 yard td is 7 points, 10-19 yard td is 8 points, 20-29 yard td is 9 points, all the way up to a 91-100 year td being worth 16 points.

My sense is this will ive me some projections and rankings that are different than standard scoring.  The excell VDB spreadsheet I downloaded and mannually put in scoring parameters is giveing me very different points projections for players than the Draft dominator that says it is based on my league scoring.  I check the math on the excel spreadsheets and it seems right. 

I am thinking working of projections focused on who is more likely to score long touchdowns would give me an advantage over people who are just using stock lists.  But I worry about how acurate any projection of touchdown lengths for players will really be.  I am also worried that my points projections from the excel vdb spreadsheat are so different than draft domiator based on the same stats projections.

I have search for stategy informationon this sort of league but found nothing. 

Any advice from people out there who have been in this kind of league?  Are tyhere really a bunch of these leagues out there and I am just searchingwiththe wrong words?

Has anyone else in leagues that are non-standard scoring leagues found that working from scoring specific projections works better or worse than more general standard rankings? 

Does DD actually have settings where you can put in those TD points that granularly?  My initial thought is that TDs are variable anyway and trying to predict it by yards would be even more difficult, so it's hard to see the value in it.  But I could be wrong.  I guess maybe Tyreek Hill could get a bump.

Ya I really don't like leagues like this.  It is too hard to predict, and a 99 yard td is already worth 9.9+6=15.5 vs a 1 yard td being only 6.1.  That is already a massive difference in points.  Making that long Td worth 9.9+16= 25.9 just makes it pretty much a week winner if someone gets one of those.  TD's shouldn't be worth 4.5X as much if they're huge bombs, and it takes skill out of it as it's so random who gets a long td vs a short one.  Same as making a 50+ yard fg worth 100 points.  Would take skill out of the game and make it more about luck.


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