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sean taylor or archuleta (1 Viewer)


dynasty leaguei'm looking for valuefor db the next 3 guys available are: SEAN TAYLOR(22years old), ADAM ARCHULETA(28), & MICHAEL LEWIS(25)i'm leanining towards taylor because of his age and ability what do you all think

Definitely not Archuletta. He has been moved to FS (and he stinks in coverage) and he has a degenerative back condition that is only going to get worse.Taylor has all the raw talent in the world and would be a stud if he actually played, but the gun charge is a scary one. Given everything that I read, this is not a slam dunk in either way and may even effect his playing time this year.Lewis is solid. I don't, however, think he is going to be a stud at any point in his career. I think you get solid top 15 production year in and year out and is the safest pick of the bunch.

For some reason, maybe just homer wishful thinking, I just don't see Taylor doing jailtime. Of course, all his crap so far could be a sign of future problems and jailtime, but I don't see it happening with the current charges. From what I hear, his lawyers are extremely confident the trial will be delayed until after the season and are also confident he will be acquitted.Taylor has all the talent in the world. I truly believe he has the ability to be the most dominant defensive player over the next decade. How that transfers to fantasy, I'm not too sure. But, the guy will make plays over and over and over if he is on the field.


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