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Sean Taylor's hearing is today (1 Viewer)

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From the FBG Blogger:S Taylor Hearing TodayDavid Elfin, Washington Times - [Full Article]Redskins S Sean Taylor will have a better idea of what to expect in his upcoming trial by lunchtime today. Taylor and co-defendant Charles Caughman both will be in court today in Miami for hearings on felony assault charges stemming from a June 1 incident. The maximum sentence on Taylor's felony charge is 16 years. He also has been charged with simple battery, a misdemeanor.

The attorney's office plea bargain today was hilarious! If you fess-up, we'll "only" give you the minimum of 3-years. "Geez...where do I sign my name??" responded Taylor. :rolleyes:

Redskins | Police and Courts: S. Taylor

Tue, 12 Jul 2005 13:16:10 -0700

Amy Shipley, of the Washington Post, reports Washington Redskins S Sean Taylor rejected a plea deal from the Miami-Dade state attorney's office that included a three-year prison term. Taylor was given the freedom to travel within the United States as he defends himself against felony assault and misdemeanor battery charges. Judge Mary Barzee reaffirmed Taylor's trial start date as September 12. Taylor's co-defendant, Charles Elwood Caughman, also declined a plea bargain from Miami-Dade assistant state attorney Mike Grieco and received an October 3 trial date. Taylor's attorney, Edward Carhart, said he expected the start of the trial to be pushed back, possibly until after the season, though he did not ask for a continuance Tuesday. Grieco said he had no choice but to offer Taylor a plea bargain that included three years imprisonment because the charges carried that minimum mandatory sentence.


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