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*** SHARK POOL SURVIVOR : WEEK 1 *** (1 Viewer)

I'm now tempted to say 'anyone who is playing Chicago' and let it ride the rest of the season..WOW was THAT a bad show..
It's a tough call. I'm going to have to look at Minnesota's match-ups the rest of the year and compare that with another one or two of my choices. They sure do look tempting, but that division always plays a bit tougher against each other.
Imagine if Carolina and Detriot had gone down...it would be thin around here. Good luck to those who moved on.

Great call, John!! :thumbup: I was saving the G-Men for this week! Easy win vs. Cowgirls.
Nice seein' ya. You're out. :P
So what's the status after this week......anyone know?. Looks like the Cowboys win last night likley knocked quite a few out as that was pretty much the upset of the week....BTW: was looking for the other thread for Week 2 and didn't find it for some reason.....If anyone can find it would they bump it up to the top.......thanks-Max
Gimme San Fran over da Bears.And when David Carr whups the Fins, 2/3 of you all will be GONE!
How did you know ??? :eek:
Just a precursor of the rest of the contest, I guess. Weird that I made that prediction, it came true, and I ended up winning the whole thing.Of course I couldn't know, but I had a real feeling about that Hou-Mia game, that Hou would put up a good fight and have a shot in the 4th quarter. A good QB often shows a lot of improvement between his rookie and sophmore year, the whole Hou team I thought was (and has proved to be) developing really well, and I thought that if they could just hold Ricky Williams down some, they could stay close since the rest of the Mia offense is pretty average, and then who knows? It was a tough break for so many to go out on that game, but good for me. I took the 49ers over Chi, thinking that Kordell on the road would (as he has so often) fall apart, and it did turn out to be a blowout. I felt so strongly the 49ers would whip the Bears that I never really considered taking the Dolphins. It worked out pretty well. :thumbup:

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