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Sheik complains about weather in movies and TV (1 Viewer)


I brought up my frustration about TWD and their east coast blizzard in the season finale.  And in that thread, I mentioned it one of my only real pet peeves with Hollywood.  I've watched movies where hurricanes are portrayed as huge tornadoes.  And in Miracle Workers they talked about a Cat 5 tornado hitting someone's house.  I just don't understand how they can make a movie or TV show and just have zero knowledge about weather.  Especially if it's a movie about weather.  While I love the movie Twister, it's so horrible from a weather accuracy point of view.  And while I was not expecting the movie "Hurricane Heist" to be an Oscar caliber movie, I had to turn it off after the first 5 minutes because the hurricane was chasing them down like a tornado.  Like, literally, zero research must have been done.

And honestly, it doesn't have to be 100% accurate.  But I'm sure if a movie had two actors talking about how they needed to build a nuclear reactor and one said, "I have some milk and a Pez dispenser in my backpack.  We got this!", I'm sure scientists might find that tough to watch, as well.

Anyway, I loved The Equalizer.  It's my favorite Denzel movie, by far.  I don't think he's a bad actor, by any means.  But I've always thought he was a little overrated.  He seems to overact his lines.  But he is AWESOME in The Equalizer.  So I was really excited to see a sequel was being made.  Now, when it comes to movies, I tend to be very late to the game watching them unless they are Marvel movies.  I love movies, but as I've gotten older, I just don't have enough time anymore.  But last night, I got to pop in the old Equalizer 2 Blu-ray and enjoy some butt whoopin'.

So, in case you couldn't tell by now, there will be some spoilers ahead for this movie, in case anyone cares.

Anyway, movie starts out great.  But as the movie is progressing, they are foreshadowing the end with weather alerts on the radio and TV's.  And I'm like, "Please, no."  But sure enough, the end takes place in a hurricane.  Things are blowing around everywhere, because as they said on the radio, the storm is massive and the eye wall is huge!  So in order to hide/protect his car, Denzel does what any smart person would do during a Cat 3 or above hurricane: parks it in a vinyl tent.  Safe and sound.  

Now, as they walk through the coastal town, there are boats and debris littered on the roadways.  Obviously, this storm means business.  Yet no one seems to be affected as they walk through the 120+ mph wind.  In fact, one guy suggest going to higher ground to use his sniper rifle.  As he climbs the 4 to 5 story building and perches on the roof, the wind has no effect.  Add to that that he's looking through his sight to shoot at Denzel.  Hurricanes aren't usually associated with high, long range visibility.

Then to top it all off, Denzel goes in his house, sits in his rocking chair by the large bay windows, and watches as the waves come crashing up against his shoreline property.  Because one of the safest places to be is in front of a large window just feet from the coastline.  Only place safer than that is on the roof of a 5 story building that is on the beach.  

Honestly, it almost ruined the whole movie for me.  I loved the first 90 minutes of the film and hated the last 30.  So dumb.

My biggest complaint about weather in TV/movies is when a character will say something along the lines of "at least it's not raining" on a beautiful sunny day. Then invariably the skies open up - not a gradually increasing rain, but buckets of it. Makes perfect sense.

My biggest complaint about weather in TV/movies is when a character will say something along the lines of "at least it's not raining" on a beautiful sunny day. Then invariably the skies open up - not a gradually increasing rain, but buckets of it. Makes perfect sense.
Yes.  Always odd.  But I can look past that if it's done for effect.  I can also look past when it's supposed to be a rainy, overcast day, but you can tell they are just using a dark blue filter on a sunny day because of all the shadows.  That's just real weather not cooperating with the shoot schedule.  Like with Twister.  They had something like 20 days set up to film in Kansas.  (And this is all from memory, so the facts might be a little off.) They scheduled the time during the spring so they could possibly film actual tornado footage and capture as much severe weather as possible that way minimizing CGI effects.  It was sunny every day they were there.  Not one storm rolled through.  If you watch that movie again, you'll see there are shadows everywhere.  It's actually kind of funny.

But, yes, I totally get what you're saying.  I put it up there with it's always snowing on Christmas Eve and Christmas.  Yet outside of the Rockies, only about 6 states have a better than 50% chance to see a white Christmas.

Only movies I know of that even come close to reality are dem Sharkynados. 

Back in college, I took a biology class on this. 

Fascinating stuff - w/o the class, I would a called BS! 

Now that ima educated man, I feel more & more like you Sheik. 


My biggest complaint about weather in TV/movies is when a character will say something along the lines of "at least it's not raining" on a beautiful sunny day. Then invariably the skies open up - not a gradually increasing rain, but buckets of it. Makes perfect sense.
This happens here in the Summer :unsure:

Perfectly sunny - huge quick black cloud - buckets.    :unsure:

Hold on a second.  Are you saying that tornadoes don't really pick up sharks and distribute them to conveniently-located pockets of water in close proximity to D-list actors and actresses?  
Of course they can.  I never once mentioned any sort of complaint with that movie.

Best use of tornado in movie: Wizard of Oz
Speaking of which, I once thought BS on this too... 

...until I took a physics class on quantum mechanics & was introduced to the Many Worlds interpretation. I then realized the wave function collapse was just a bunch hokey-pokey. 

"Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don't you think?” ...

I've simply accept the fact a movie is a movie, you can't be too critical of anything , just play along.

There is Ann (Fay Wray) she is Kong;s next sacrifice, the natives have her tied down between a couple posts, and here come Kongs crashing thru the trees.  Shouldn't those trees have been torn down long ago, since this was an annual affair?

How did they stand him up and put him in chains once in New York?  How did they get him there?  What did he eat?

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To some degree....
How many times have we seen,,,,,

Good cowboy, bang bang....runs around the house....bang bang.....trying to get his horse...bang bang bang,...he makes it and as he rides away bang bang bang.   Out of a six shooter.

I just go with it.

Okay, I really need your review of Geostorm...... :popcorn:
You know, I saw this a while back and went in thinking it was going to be so stupid.  I don't remember it exactly, but I do remember thinking that they did enough pseudo-science that I was able to accept it as a movie.  And what I mean by that is how they explain a made up thing by pretending to use actual science terms.  Futurama did a take on it but I don't remember what episode, so I can't find it.  

So in the end, I was able to enjoy the movie for what it was worth:  a fun, action movie.  Although I don't really remember it, so it couldn't have been really good.  

The Day After Tomorrow was terrible for two reasons:

1) They made up weather events and portrayed them as things that could (or will) happen in the future because of GW.

2) The whole movie was about them walking to NYC because they couldn't get there any other way.  Along the way, people died.  And as soon as they arrived, the people from DC arrived by helicopter.  Which meant not only was walking a bad idea, people died for no reason.


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