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Should a lineup rule change affect my keepers? (1 Viewer)


Last night the commissioner in my main league announced a change to our starting lineups, 1 pt ppr, we were starting 1 QB, 2 rb's, 2 wr's, a te and 2 flex. The new change adds a 3rd flex. 2 keepers-lose a round each year you keep and can only keep 2 years after the original year.

I had planned on keeping Michael Thomas 10th round and Deshawn Watson 14th round. QB's have typically gone off the board fast in this league- 5 pt passing td's and I loved Watsons upside and his 14th round pick, however with needing an additional flex I'm wondering if I should toss Watson back in and keep another skill position player-either Dion Lewis or Marvin Jones-both would be 14th round keepers the same as Watson.

Does needing that additional flex guy totally remove Watson from my keepers? I'm leaning towards keeping Thomas and Marvin Jones. Thoughts???

I would keep MT and Watson. That way you don't really have to worry about QB until late like usual this year and you can still pick up plenty of good skill position players in the mean time. Keeping Jones is probably ok too, but personally I would keep Watson if I were in your shoes.

The 5pt passing td actually hurts Watson's value some in relation to other qb's.  It makes his rushing TD's a little less valuable. 

As far as who to keep it boils down to how your league drafts qb's.  If you always have good choices late I would probably not keep a qb.  If other teams take QB early and often then I probably keep watson.


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