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Should I give special consideration to a team that took a year off? (1 Viewer)


So....I host a 3 keeper league. 10 team superflex, half PPR. It's a no money home league. I've been commish for 15 years. About 3 years ago a new person joined us. He won in his second year. His third year we could only find a draft time that worked for 9/10 of us. He was only available two different weeknights and they just wouldn't work. It came down to me choosing either a guy that's been in the league from the start missing the draft or new guy, so new guy was out of luck. He said he was out then, because he didn't want to participate in a league he couldn't be at the draft for. No big deal, I got someone else.

This year I decided it was time to cut a couple people loose because they were never active except for the draft. Then 2 others left. New guy above asks to rejoin and the other 3 spots were filled too. One of the rejoiners is a long-time league member who was abroad and couldn't really participate for a couple years, and two are brand new.

Anyway, 2 of the 4 vacant teams are abysmal, 2 are really good. I decide, after a lot of weighing everything, that the 4 new players are going to have a draft with the pool being the 4 vacant teams. That way everyone has a somewhat equal chance at the rookies.

So, I setup a chat with the 4 new players and tell them my plan. Everyone is happy except te guy in the first paragraph. He wants his old team back. REALLY wants it back (can't blame him, it's one of the good ones). He says the two brand new guys should have to suffer with terrible rosters. He and the other guy should get the better teams. He also suggested the entire league should have to let players be available for drafting if he does.

Am I off line thinking that once you give up a team, then you waive every right to it? He'll still have a fairly competitive 3 keepers. Solid middle of the pack I'd say. Maybe I'm overreacting because I'm already annoyed with his very specific draft times (it's going to work this year). And it's a very relaxed, casual league. Half of us are family, so I'm also annoyed at trying to get a little edge.
You are bringing in four new owners. The best way is to either have a random team assignment (which I don't like) because nobody coming in should have a right to a specific team (yes even the guy that took a year off). The other choice is to have a dispersal draft as you have described. Let all the new owners get a chance at all the available players and go from there. It evens out the teams and ensures each owner gets to put a bit of a stamp on their new team.

It's not a big deal either way. But if the teams are that imbalanced then it's better for the league as a whole to have the dispersal draft.
Hard agree with @Gally here. One of my keeper leagues has had a 50%+ turnover in the past 5 years and the commish has tried several different ways to reassign teams. A dispersal draft was in retrospect the best and fairest by far. Mollify the owner who's squawking if you want by letting him pick 1.01, and go snake-style from there.

Only caveat I would add is that if there is a cost associated with keepers (based on original draft round, original auction cost, whatever) then those costs should carry over for the new owners. If this hasn't been clearly communicated to everyone already, it may be the source of the previous owner's angst.

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