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Shout out to latest 'On the Couch' podcast (1 Viewer)

Bracie Smathers

If you haven't heard the latest 'On the Couch' hosted by Sigmond Bloom with guests Matt Williamson and Lance Zierlein and you want to hear some in-depth hash on free agency and how it impacts everything on the NFL landscape then this is about the only show I've come accross that takes the time with sources who know the big picture.

If you have the desire to know and learn and have some time then this is well worth the listen:

I think this link should work>>>

My link

If the above link isn't working then just head over to the free podcast page>>>

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Mar 19 2013

2013 Volume#23a - On The Couch: Free Agency Recap (#1819)

In This Episode: Sigmund Bloom, Lance Zierlein (Sideline View), Matt Williamson (ESPN) discuss Free Agency. Topics Include - The Seattle v San Francisco rivalry gets more intense, breaking down the fallout of Welker and Amendola moves, how much will Miami and Kansas City improve, plus more!


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