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Shuke's 1300 favorite songs by 1300 different artists. (2 Viewers)

1270 . Boygenius - Satanist

Saw then on SNL last week. I love anything Phoebe Bridgers does.

Here's the other song they played on SNL. Totally mesmerized by the keyboardist.

For some reason I can't explain, music that I discover on SNL just hits different for me.
Funny, I actually searched boygenius on here earlier today to see if anyone had mentioned how great they were on SNL. Their album is one of the best of the year. Love this band.
1274 . Steve Kimock Band - Eudemon

Kimock has a lot of ties to the Dead but I admittedly haven't listened to a lot of his stuff outside of his work with Zero (which has been a complete miss on my part in here so far).
I don’t always love his material, but I love Kimock’s playing. It relaxes me without ever being boring.

I especially enjoyed his KVHW supergroup with Bobby Vega, Alan Hertz and Ray White.

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