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SJAX backup? (1 Viewer)


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Outside of a 16-team league with large rosters, are either of these two even rosterable?

Sjax is one of the most talented RB's in the league and he can't do a thing in this offense. What are either of these two going to do?

That said, I vote Pittman. Leonard has a different role that likely wouldn't change much with SJax out.

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I haven't seen Leonard on the field much this year. Its gotta be Pittman...but like Jayrod said he's not rosterable in normal leagues.

I just dropped Leonard in a Dynasty league in which I own SJax. He was inactive last week and it wasn't due to injury.

Leonard is awful. A total waste of a 2nd rd. draft pick. Picks like this would explain why the are the worst team in the NFL.

I wouldn't advise to drop anyone for Pittman cause I don't know how good he would be if something happened to S-Jax but he would definetly be the backup.


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