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Sleeper TE from free agency to starting line-up (1 Viewer)


The combination of byes and injury have left me without a TE on the field for week 5...  As you would expect, the only free agent TE that I recognize is Slim Pickens.  Looking for a grab and play one week option.  Both Gates and Swaim were grabbed during the waiver run.  The two Cincy TEs are available; Goerdert, Vannett, Gesicki.. others of that caliber.

Any suggestions for a dark horse?

Nick Vannett would be my pick. Seahawks will likely be in catchup mode from the second quarter on, and they got some production from the position when Vannett and Dissly were splitting snaps. With Dissly gone, Vannett should monopolize TE targets.

Rams gave up a ton to Cook so Varnett is a good option, I'm in same boat and went Hooper.  Not sure which Cincy TE benefits, thought Uzomah was more of blocker, but some have talked him up, I thought Kroft would benefit more but can't figure it out so I'm avoiding

I think the Vannett recommendations are solid.  He is as likely as any free agent to put up the best numbers today.  However, I'm going to roll with Hayden Hurst who is supposed to play and start today.  Sometimes, I'm too much of a gambler. I may regret the choice but am thinking this could turn into more than a one week choice and the Ravens typically rely on their TEs as great deal.

My game this week is between the leagues only two undefeated teams and the projected score is a tie.  


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