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snap, crackle, and more SNAPS! III -- this time it's 2014! (1 Viewer)

This is my first post, so I hope I'm posting this correctly. I was just wondering if anyone out there knows why Antoine Cason's numbers have dipped so low in weeks 3 and especially 4 after scoring so high in weeks 1 and 2. Also, would Tyrann Mathieu be a better start this week. What about Bradley Fletcher, who has put up a lot of points recently instead?
well, if the post shows up then you pretty much did it correctly -- it's mostly about clicking the right button.

my short answer would be I have no idea.

my long answer is I'd suspect simple statistical variance.

now, since we're not talking about a truly random event like a roulette wheel, or dice, the seemingly 'random' variance could certainly be the result of who he's covering, what scheme he defends, who the qb is, what stadium they're at, etc, but a lot of this comes down to perception.

after 2 weeks he had 16-3, 2 pd, 1 int, 2 ff, 1 fr

over 16 games that extrapolates to 128-24, 16 pd, 8 int, 16 ff, 8 fr ---- that has probably never happened in the history of football.

any cb you look at will have wildly fluctuating good games and bad games, and it just so happens he had 2 good ones in weeks 1 + 2 to set your expectations to an unrealistic level --- he could've had those 2 good weeks in 3 + 4 after a couple slow weeks in 1 + 2 and you'd be asking a different question, while his production after 4 weeks would be exactly the same.

week 3 seems perfectly productive for a corner, and looking at the week 4 game, just about every ball goes to steve smith, a back, or the te, so if he's not covering smiff he's not getting much opportunity.

(11:16) 5-J.Flacco pass incomplete deep right to 82-T.Smith [95-C.Johnson]. PENALTY on CAR-20-A.Cason, Defensive Pass Interference, 20 yards, enforced at BAL 48 - No Play.

(8:04) 5-J.Flacco pass incomplete short right to 82-T.Smith. PENALTY on CAR-20-A.Cason, Defensive Pass Interference, 9 yards, enforced at CAR 46 - No Play.

looking at the play by play above he may have been mostly on torrey smith. who got 3 targets, and probably pulled him deep, away from the action.

edit: I forgot the follow ups

just pulling this out of my ###, but I would imagine fletcher is just subject to the same variation as cason, or most other corners.

there are some schemes that advantage a guy like winfield, in the past, but I'm not aware of any particular reason to chase points on fletcher.

now that I look at it, that's kind of a funny one because he's pretty much just the reverse of cason, like I mentioned in my hypothetical earlier.

mathieu is definitely very interesting, but bear in mind he was on a very low snap count, so he'd be more of a stash and hold until his snaps came up.

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It seems like the Cardinals backfield played well without Mathieu, so I wonder how long it will take for his snaps to come up.

On a different note, I was wondering what you think of Nate Irving from Denver? I picked him up last week because his numbers are so high, but I don't really know much about him. I know Danny Trevathan is coming back this week, so I don't know how that affects him. My other linebackers are Larry Foote, who has been a little cold and Sio Moore, who seems to be perpetually injured. I'm thinking of picking up Tahir Whitehead based on what I've read here, but I was just wondering what people out there advise.

On a different note, I was wondering what you think of Nate Irving from Denver? I picked him up last week because his numbers are so high, but I don't really know much about him. I know Danny Trevathan is coming back this week, so I don't know how that affects him. My other linebackers are Larry Foote, who has been a little cold and Sio Moore, who seems to be perpetually injured. I'm thinking of picking up Tahir Whitehead based on what I've read here, but I was just wondering what people out there advise.
I'd much rather have Whitehead. Irving's role is really unknown, and even if he plays decent snaps he will have stronger competition for tackles with Trev back.

What's the scoop on Whitehead? I know he plays 100% of Detroit's snaps, by what else makes him a great pickup? Also, who is preferred if I can get Trevathan vs. whitehead?

whitehead is a 3 down mlb, so that's usually a must own by somebody in a league, but I suspect last week's stat's were inflated by match up and stadium

Trevathan is available in my league. Would you recommend picking him up, Kool Aid? It sounds like there's a lot of competition at the linebacker spot. My backups are Larry Foote and Sio Moore. Are either of those guys worth getting rid of for Trevathan? It seems like he had a great year last year.


TB (@NOS) 91 OT - 22 incompletions

CIN (@NEP) 86

BAL (@IND) 82

ARI (@DEN) 81

GB (v MIN) 79 - 22 incompletions

STL (@PHI) 73

SEA (@WAS) 55

MIN (@GB) 54

NEP (v CIN) 52

SF (v KC) 50


JAX def has been on the field 80+ snaps wk 1+2, 74 in wk 3, 63 in wk 4, and 68 in wk 5

DAL def has only gotten ~50 snaps wk 1+2 with 76 in wk 3, 61 in wk 4, and 59 in wk 5

DET def has 60, 67, 53, 64, and 71 snaps

GB off has only provided 62, 71, 53, 52, and 54 snaps

IND off has provided 74, 72, 75, 87, and 82 snaps

misc team and player notes:

ari - LB shaughnessy 72% acho 31% minter 21% DL campbell 42% kelly 84%

DB jefferson 100% johnson 95% bucannon 77% mathieu 19% cro 100% powers 91% peterson 80%

bishop signed and inactive, keiser out, peterson, campbell, + shaughnessy inj, in dime most of game, blown out @DEN

atl - LB bartu 3% shembo 82% DL massaquoi 40% DB j wilson 40% mcclain 28% lowery 100% ishmael 100% southward 15%

moore ir, @NYG

Robert McClain lost snaps to Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson was banged up in the second half. He made a great play, deflecting a would-be touchdown catch. A couple of plays later he went down with an unspecified injury. Wilson left the field under his own power
bal - LB suggs 82% mcphee 41% DL ngata 74%

DB elam 66% j smith 98% a jackson 51% l webb 54% t brooks 54% b trawick 13% j miles 17% ch brown 4%

a brown + canty out, webb returns, elam + a jackson inj @IND

buf - LB rivers 27% p brown 100% spikes 82% DL s charles 58% dareus 92%

DB graham 47% robey 66% a williams 81% searcy 27% d williams 92%

bradham + k wiliams out @DET

Corey Graham has settled into a utility infielder-type role in the Bills' defensive backfield. He's a definitive fourth in the pecking order at cornerback, but saw some rotational reps at safety when Aaron Williams and Da'Norris Searcy were dealing with dings.
car - LB th davis 100% klein 0% blackburn 6% DL ch johnson 77% horton 41% ealy 27% addison 52%

DB norman 25% white 75% benwikere 25% r harper 100% godfrey 69%

hardy out, th davis returns, norman + benwikere inj, all nickel v CHI

chi - LB bostic 48% dj williams 82% c jones 35% DL houston 74% young 56% sutton 65% ferguson 47%

DB conte 12% mccray 88% frey 36%

tillman ir, mclellin + ratliffe out, conte + bostic inj @CAR

cin - lamur 100% rey 91% maualuga 58% DL dunlap 86% still 45% atkins 58% DB hall 99% a jones 50%

burfict + b thompson out, blown out @NEP

cle - LB kirksey 63% robertson 32% mingo 31% DL taylor 13% DB haden 100% k williams 53% gilbert 13%

taylor + haden inj @TEN

dal - LB durant 100% mcclain 80% hitchens 56% k wilber 2% DL melton 34% spencer 39% DB s moore 63%

claiborne ir, carter out v HOU

Cowboys MLB Rolando McClain was forced from Dallas' Week 5 game against the Texans with a left-groin injury.
It's an aggravation of McClain's previous groin issue. McClain went down late in the fourth quarter,
den - LB trevathan 95% marshall 66% irving 34% DB roby 69%

trevathan returns in blow out v ARI

det - LB whitehead 99% palmer 37% DB gorrer 44% quddus 23%

lawson, bentley + tulloch ir, c vaughn out v BUF

gb - LB hawk 100% lattimore 66% b jones 9% matthews 71% peppers 62% neal 59% DL daniels 51% d jones 22% l robinson 44%

DB m hyde 53% dix 86% burnett 73% hayward 47% house 32%

b jones returns, d jones inj in blowout v MIN

hou - LB b reed 72% cushing 67% mercilus 83% mohamed 63% tuggle 33% DL crick 50%

DB joseph 87% a hal 78% d manning 37%

s keo cut, clowney, bouye + d morris out, joseph inj, db heavy @DAL

ind - LB freeman 83% werner 77% DB butler 40% s brown 97%

mathis ir, landry out, freeman returns v BAL


jax - LB hayes 49% t smith 51% j thomas 26% DL branch 49% clemons 56%

DB blackmon 91% mccray 82%

gratz out, much nickel v PIT

kc - LB mauga 100% jmj 80% hali 80% DB c owens 24% coleman 19%

berry out, not so much nickel this week @SF

mia -BYE (r jones returning)

min - LB brinkley 43% DB h smith 100% robinson 57%

greenway out, blown out @GB

Vikings FS Harrison Smith (ankle) was in a walking boot in the locker room on Friday.
Smith injured the ankle in the first quarter of the Vikings' blowout loss to the Packers Thursday. He finished the game, but the ankle swelled the next day. An MRI showed no "significant damage." His status for Week 6 is unknown.
nep - LB collins 100% d skinner 23% DL ninky 100% cha jones 35% wilfork 90% chr jones 75% easley 37%

DB chung 92% mccourty 37% harmon 65% dennard 100% revis 92% l ryan 8% arrington 81%

hightower + m butler out, dennard returns, cha jones nursing inj from last week, easley, mccourty, + revis inj, plenty of nickel in blowout v CIN

nos - LB hawthorne 96% humber 6% DB bush 100% c white 98% robinson 43%

byrd ir, hawthorne + robinson return, humber inj v TB

Vaccaro revealed that it was the healthiest he felt and the fastest he was able to play all season, after he was still fighting through soreness from last year’s fractured ankle during the first four weeks.
For another thing, Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan revealed that Vaccaro benefited against Tampa Bay from playing strictly in the strong safety role for the first time all season in the wake of free safety Jairus Byrd's season-ending knee injury -- instead of Vaccaro’s usual jack-of-all-trades role.
nyg - LB j williams 100% j mcclain 100% herzlich 38% DB demps 99% s brown 0% drc 68% mcbride 72%

thurmond ir, beason out v ATL

Rodgers-Cromartie was undergoing tests on Monday for a leg injury he suffered in the Week 4 victory over the Redskins. The Giants called it an ankle problem, but the veteran cornerback returned to the game. He was not listed on the injury report last week, and was in and out of Sunday's win over the Falcons.

Even though Rodgers-Cromartie downplayed what he called "ankle soreness" after the game, it has apparently developed into something that has the Giants concerned.
nyj - LB d harris 92% DL d harrison 46% DB c pryor 85% milliner 97% k wilson 43% p adams 70% a allen 32% walls 28%

milliner returns, a allen moved back to S, harris + walls inj while blown out @SD

oak - BYE

phi - LB ryans 78% c matthews 46% acho 32% m smith 8% graham 36% DB boykin 45% carroll 36%

kendricks out, ryans inj v STL

Brandon Graham, ER: +2.3

Breakdown: #FreeBrandonGraham! Though he actually played 32 snaps in this game and has been quietly getting that kind of workload all season, it’s still around half of the snaps he should be getting (Trent Cole: 64, Connor Barwin: 68).

Signature Stat: Led all Eagles players with five hurries, one more total pressure than Trent Cole in second place. Cole rushed the passer 41 times to Graham’s 14.

pit - LB spence 100% moats 64% j harrison 36% DB mccain 52% sh thomas 0%

j jones shorty ir, shazier + i taylor out @JAX

sd - LB butler 84% gachkar 61% conner 40% j johnson 47% DL liuget 47% DB r marshall 47% addae 75% verrett 65%

m ingram ir, te'o, r walker + s wright out, verrett returns in blowout v NYJ

sea - LB irvin 64% DE bennett 87% avril 75% DB burley 67%

irvin returns @WAS

sf - LB skuta 50% lynch 50% lemonier 0% DB j ward 56%

t brock out v KC

Lynch has totaled eight hits on quarterbacks and 14 pressures, which are the second-most totals behind Justin Smith. Every little bit helps as the 49ers try compensating for Aldon Smith’s void during his nine-game suspension.

Lynch’s increased role the past two games has meant no defensive snaps for Corey Lemonier.
stl - LB dunbar 48% DL quinn 66% hayes 60% donald 34% DB joyner 47%

t johnson out @PHI

tb - LB fletcher 47% lansanah 100% DL g mccoy 90% m johnson 90% gholston 67% solomon 12%

DB m wright 89% j banks 91% l johnson 53%

m jenkins + clayborn ir, foster, goldson + english out

ten - LB woodyard 73% z gooden 22% a williamson 70% DB sensabaugh 70% pollard 95% g wilson 35% b harris 55%

pollard ir'd, bww out v CLE

Defensively, rookie inside linebacker Avery Williamson worked as the defensive signal caller, per John Glennon of The Tennessean. Williamson played 54 of 77 snaps (70 percent). The player who previously wore the defensive headset, Wesley Woodyard, still played slightly more -- 56 snaps (73 percent).
was - LB riley 87% compton 13% orakpo 88% murphy 24% DL hatcher 78% j jenkins 63%

DB breeland 99% clark 99% biggers 49%

t porter out, orakpo + riley inj [orakpo returned, clark missed a play] v SEA

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HOU (v IND) 87

CIN (v CAR) 84 OT

CAR (@CIN) 81 OT

MIA (v GB) 80

CLE (v PIT) 78

NYG (@PHI) 72

IND (@HOU) 54

DAL (@SEA) 49


DAL def has only gotten ~50 snaps wk 1+2 with 76 in wk 3, 61, 59, and 49

GB off has only provided 62, 71, 53, 52, 54, and 80 snaps

TEN has only provided 79, 49, 69, 48, 68, and 58 snaps

IND off has provided 74, 72, 75, 87, 82, and 87 snaps

misc team and player notes:

ari - LB foote 100% okafor 90% acho 73% minter 17% DL kelly 92% stinson 55%

DB jefferson 18% johnson 100% bucannon 82% mathieu 82% powers 82% peterson 100% cro 100%

shaughnessy shorty ir, keiser + c campbell out, almost all dime v WAS

Breakdown: With the Arizona defense torn apart by injuries as it has been, getting inspired performances from the next man up has been key. Alex Okafor fit the bill in this contest, getting his first start and first significant playing time after missing out on his rookie season with an injury of his own. Okafor notched a pair of sacks and two hurries as he gave the right side of the Washington line trouble throughout.

atl - LB bartu 77% shembo 0% DL massaquoi 59% biermann 58% DB j wilson 70% mcclain 7% southward 23%

moore ir, mostly nickel v CHI

Breakdown: One of the lone bright spots on defense, Massaquoi got after it to the tune of one sack, two hits and three hurries. It was easily the most productive game of his career to date as he set career highs in every pass rushing stat.


D. Orlando Ledbetter - AJC, Sportswriter
The Falcons have started to decrease the playing time of ineffective defensive end Kroy Biermann.
bal - LB suggs 77% DB elam 54% l webb 84% t brooks 69% stewart 54% j miles 46% franks 44%

a brown + canty out, a jackson shorty ir, blowout @TB

buf - LB bradham 80% rivers 58% p brown 44% spikes 62% DL k williams 82%

DB graham 97% robey 34% searcy 27% d williams 99%

bradham + k wiliams return, a williams out, graham fills in at S v NEP

car - LB th davis 100% klein 25% blackburn 22% DB white 100% r harper 100% godfrey 53%

hardy, norman + benwikere out @CIN

chi - LB sharpton 98% greene 96% c jones 36% DL houston 80% young 70% ratliff 68% sutton 27% ferguson 25%

DB conte 45% vereen 55% mccray 4% hurst 68%

tillman ir, frey cut, mclellin, bostic, dj williams, + briggs out, ratliff returns, conte inj, hurst replaces frey @ATL

cin - lamur 86% burfict 93% maualuga 36% rey 24% DL still 23% atkins 73% DB a jones 56%

burfict returns, b thompson out, lamur + maualuga inj v CAR

cle - LB kirksey 82% robertson 18% mingo 36% DL a bryant 8% DB haden 100% k williams 45% gilbert 37%

p taylor out, a bryant inj v PIT

dal - LB durant 100% mcclain 88% hitchens 8% wilber 27% DL melton 49% spencer 59%

DB church 84% s moore 69%

claiborne ir, carter + j crawford out @SEA

den - LB trevathan 3% marshall 97% irving 24% c nelson 57% barrow 0% DB roby 76% talib 84% webster 32%

trevathan inj @NYJ

With Danny Trevathan’s knee injury early in Sunday’s win over the New York Jets, linebacker Corey Nelson (seventh round) was moved into the Broncos’ nickel package and was certainly efficient. Nelson was credited with a team-leading seven tackles in the game in his 36 snaps of work.
Nelson, made his first appearance on defense in a two-play cameo against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 3 as the Broncos wanted to get more speed on the field to try to hem in Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.
And linebacker Lamin Barrow (fifth round), who was ejected from Sunday’s game for throwing a post-play punch at a Jets player, was also used on defense against both the Seahawks (11 plays) and Arizona Cardinals (eight plays). Barrow also has been a special teams regular.

Broncos linebacker Von Miller was put through the concussion protocol after a second-quarter collision with Jets running back Chris Ivory. Miller, however, said he simply had the contact lens in his right eye knocked out on the play. He did not return for the Broncos' next defensive series to close out the first half but played the entire second half after being cleared by the team’s medical staff. “I just knocked out my contact," Miller said
det - LB whitehead 74% bynes 28% palmer 25% DL j jones 54% g johnson 52% ansah 49%

DB gorrer 38% vaughn 34%

lawson, bentley + tulloch ir, c vaughn returns @MIN

gb - LB hawk 100% lattimore 19% b jones 59% matthews 84% peppers 72% neal 47% DL daniels 69% l robinson 3%

DB t williams 60% shields 57% m hyde 59% dix 64% burnett 100% hayward 59% house 84%

datone jones out, shields + t williams inj @MIA

Packers CB Sam Shields left Sunday's Week 6 game against the Dolphins with a knee injury in the third quarter.
Shields and fellow CB Tramon Williams both got injured within minutes of each other. Shields' injury was strange, as he just collapsed without contact even before the play started.
hou - LB b reed 70% cushing 97% mercilus 83% mohamed 8% tuggle 59% DL crick 74%

DB joseph 87% bouye 45% d manning 20% a hal 7%

clowney, d morris out, bouye returns, reed inj v IND

Outside linebacker Brooks Reed wasn’t limping in the dressing room today [Mon] as he was on Friday, the day after he left the 33-28 loss to Indianapolis with a groin injury.

Coach Bill O’Brien said on Friday that Reed would be “day-to-day” for the Monday night game at Pittsburgh.

Reed made significant improvement over the weekend. He said in the locker room that he felt a lot better. The coaches are hoping he’ll be able to play, but they’re a long way from making that determination.

O’Brien said on Friday that Clowney was “50-50” and “iffy” to return against the Steelers.

When Reed was injured against the Colts, he was replaced by John Simon, who was signed off Baltimore’s practice squad last week. In his brief time on the field, Simon sacked quarterback Andrew Luck
ind - LB freeman 100% DB gordy 87% s brown 83%

mathis ir, landry + d butler out, mostly nickel @HOU


jax - LB hayes 71% t smith 24% j thomas 33% DB blackmon 74% mccray 62% gratz 31%

gratz returns @TEN

Analysis: The Jaguars again with nickel most of the game, which meant regular playing time for Blackmon. … A solid week of practice for Gratz after his concussion and demotion to the second unit earned him playing time in place of McCray. … Martin played three snaps when the Jaguars used “dime” (six defensive backs) personnel. … T. Smith’s playing time increased because he filled in for Hayes (evaluated for a concussion). … Hayes returned to the game and so did Ball after he was wiped out by a teammate during a second-half play.
kc - BYE

mia - j jenkins 100% misi 79% wheeler 42% mccain 15% trusnik 1% DB re jones 96% j wilson 75%

re jones returns, mostly big nickel v GB

Omar Kelly, South Florida Sun Sentinel, Sports Reporter
Koa Misi took himself out the game at 6:20 in the 4th after failing to disengage an O-lineman.
Omar Kelly, South Florida Sun Sentinel, Sports Reporter
Joe Philbin said Koa Misi wasn't ready (or able) to play in the game on that final drive, which led to Philip Wheeler being in the nickel
min - LB hodges 94% brinkley 44% DB h smith 100% robinson 56%

greenway out v DET

nep - LB collins 100% mayo 29% d skinner 52% DL ninky 100% cha jones 100% wilfork 93% chr jones 72%

DB chung 87% mccourty 100% harmon 23% l ryan 3% arrington 65%

hightower, easley, + browner out, mayo ir'd :cry: @BUF

nos - BYE

nyg - LB beason 78% j williams 56% j mcclain 67% herzlich 0%

DL kiwanuka 78% r ayers 42% c jenkins 43% m kuhn 48%

DB drc 44% mcbride 99% bowman 53% hosley 4%

thurmond ir, paysinger out, beason returns in shutout @PHI

Giants CB Trumaine McBride needs thumb surgery, and could be done for the season.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie left Sunday night's Week 6 game against the Eagles with a back injury.
nyj - LB d harris 100% babin 51% coples 49%

DB c pryor 73% milliner 6% k wilson 33% p adams 100% a allen 26% walls 94% jarrett 26%

milliner ir'd v DEN

oak - LB burris 96% moore 88% mack 86% DL tuck 30% c wilson 48% DB carrie 75% chekwa 0%

roach ir'd, tuck missed time but returned, mostly nickel v SD

phi - LB ryans 80% c matthews 28% acho 36% m smith 23% graham 52% DB boykin 66% carroll 33%

kendricks out, shutout v NYG

pit - LB spence 92% moats 53% j harrison 49% DB mccain 22%

j jones shorty ir, shazier + i taylor out, not much nickel @CLE -- mccain might be taking cortez allen's lunch nxt week

sd - LB butler 100% gachkar 58% attaochu 56% conner 31% j johnson 61% DL liuget 81%

DB r marshall 47% addae 71% flowers 63% verrett 97%

m ingram ir, te'o, r walker + s wright out, flowers inj @OAK

sea - LB irvin 73% wagner 68% m smith 33% DE avril 55%

DB chancellor 100% burley 80% maxwell 41% s terrell 29%

wagner + maxwell inj v DAL

Signature Stat: Sherman lined up at RCB on 27 snaps, the most he’s done so since Week 15 of 2012. He lined up there on just three snaps last season.

sf - p willis 50% wilhoite 96% lynch 64% skuta 51% borland 42% DB j ward 27% d johnson 31% c cook 26%

t brock still out, j ward + p willis inj @STL

stl - LB dunbar 64% DL donald 88% db ej gaines 89% l joyner 39%

t johnson still out v SF

tb - LB foster 99% fletcher 9% lansanah 69% DL g mccoy 76% m johnson 64% gholston 63% solomon 42%

DB m wright 90% c butler 60% b dixon 52% l johnson 6%

m jenkins + clayborn ir, banks, goldson, casillas, + english out, foster returns, blown out v BAL

ten - LB woodyard 64% z gooden 0% a williamson 75%

DB bww 99% g wilson 92% d stafford 62% m huff 70% b harris 0%

pollard ir, c sensabaugh out, bww returns v JAX

was - LB compton 87% orakpo 91% murphy 37% DL hatcher 61% j jenkins 49%

DB amerson 20% r clark 99% meriweather 79% biggers 87% t robinson 53%

t porter + riley out, amerson inj @ARI

ProFootballTalk.com - NFL News and Updates
Brandon Meriweather evaluated for concussion
Brian McNally - Washington Examiner, Sportswriter
Brandon Meriweather cleared to return, #Redskins announce. Also David Amerson was back no the field too.
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Looks like Kirksey and Williamson getting their chance.

Edit to add: This is the best/most important post of the week for me. Thank you. It's given me the jump on getting Shembo before this week occured, Williamson and being able to move Preston Brown when it looked like Bradham/Rivers would eat into his snaps.

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NEP (v NYJ) 87

CIN (@IND) 79

MIA (@CHI) 53

KC (@SD) 52

ARI (@OAK) 51

SEA (@STL) 49


DAL def has only gotten ~50 snaps wk 1+2 with 76 in wk 3, 61, 59, 49, and 63

GB off has only provided 62, 71, 53, 52, 54, 80, and 58 snaps

TEN has only provided 79, 49, 69, 48, 68, 58, and 56 snaps

IND off has provided 74, 72, 75, 87, 82, 87, and 79 snaps

misc team and player notes:

ari - LB okafor 98% acho 67% minter 47% DL kelly 78% stinson 63%

DB jefferson 45% johnson 98% bucannon 55% mathieu 53% powers 53%

shaughnessy shorty ir, keiser + c campbell out @OAK

Coach Bruce Arians singled out rookie DE Ed Stinson as a player who has impressed him.
Stinson has seen his snaps rise the past couple weeks with RE Calais Campbell (knee) sidelined. The 160th pick in May out of Alabama, Stinson recorded a couple tackles, two hurries, and two stops against the Raiders last week, earning a game ball. He's been playing more than third-round DE Kareem Martin
atl - LB bartu 87% shembo 1% DL massaquoi 76% biermann 88% babineaux 54%

DB j wilson 28% mcclain 0% southward 13%

moore ir, not much nickel while blown out @BAL

Jonathan Massaquoi, DE: +6.9

Breakdown: Working against a struggling tackle for the second straight week, Massaquoi posted another career game. The third-year player is finally coming into his own and was far too athletic for left tackle James Hurst. He tallied three hits and two hurries on the day and also forced three separate holding penalties. Not only was his +4.3 pass rushing grade the highest of his career, but Massaquoi’s +1.9 run defense grade was the second-highest of his career. After a season high 52 snaps on Sunday, it’s gotten to the point where the Falcons need to scrap any thoughts of keeping Massaquoi as a rotational player that he was earlier in the season ~ PFF
bal - LB suggs 88% d smith 85% DL ngata 55%

DB elam 33% webb 100% brooks 67% stewart 67% miles 2% franks 67% w hill 33%

a brown, canty, + ch brown out, a jackson shorty ir, will hill returns in blowout v ATL

buf - LB bradham 88% rivers 11% p brown 100% spikes 61%

DB graham 22% robey 50% searcy 84% d williams 28% a williams 73%

a williams returns v MIN

When the Bills took the field to start the game on Sunday, it was rookie Preston Brown, not Keith Rivers, lined up at strong-side linebacker. Brown played all 67 snaps on defense for the Bills while Rivers played only eight snaps.
car - LB th davis 90% kuechly 79% klein 28% DB godfrey 64%

hardy, blackburn, norman + benwikere out, kuechly ejected while blown out @GB

[godfrey cut]

chi - LB sharpton 53% greene 84% mcclellin 47% dj williams 47% DL ratliff 67%

DB fuller 51% mcmanis 49% vereen 94% hurst 53%

bostic, briggs, and conte out, mclellin + dj williams return, fuller inj v MIA

cin - burfict 32% rey 100% flowers 57% dimanche 54% DB a jones 84% hall 39%

b thompson, lamur + maualuga out, hall + burfict inj while shutout @IND

cle - LB kirksey 56% robertson 45% mingo 36% DB gilbert 62%

p taylor, a bryant, rubin + k williams out @JAX

dal - LB mcclain 94% hitchens 3% wilber 19% DL melton 49% spencer 46% DB church 89% s moore 81%

claiborne ir, carter + j crawford out, mostly nickel v NYG

demarcus lawrence returning?

den - LB marshall 88% von miller 66% irving 31% c nelson 27% mccray 34% DL ware 55% DB roby 85%

trevathan out in blowout v SF

det - LB whitehead 81% bynes 20% palmer 23% DL j jones 68% g johnson 36% ansah 69%

DB gorrer 41% vaughn 20%

lawson, bentley + tulloch ir, v NOS

gb - LB hawk 100% lattimore 38% b jones 0% barrington 42% DL daniels 46% l robinson 30%

DB t williams 83% m hyde 65% dix 100% burnett 75% hayward 61% house 72%

datone jones + shields out, burnett inj in blowout v CAR

There was a surprise in the Green Bay Packers' starting defensive lineup that few could have predicted.

Sam Barrington, who had been hampered by a hamstring the last few weeks and had not played a down from scrimmage since two snaps against the Chicago Bears Sept. 28, started for inside linebacker Jamari Lattimore.

Lattimore wound up playing at least half the time and maybe even more snaps than Barrington, but the coaches apparently wanted to get a look at the second-year linebacker.

Lattimore suffered a neck stinger that knocked him out of the Miami game last week, but he did practice on a limited basis during the week. He was listed as questionable on the injury report, but he played his usual role on special teams, albeit with a neck pad on the back of his shoulder pads.

Barrington played the first couple of series and then gave way to Lattimore. Brad Jones, who used to own the position and played last week against Miami when Lattimore went down, was not in the rotation.
hou - LB b reed 54% cushing 78% mercilus 100% mohamed 55% tuggle 40%

DB joseph 80% bouye 28% d manning 28% a hal 46%

clowney, d morris out, watt got a snap on offense @PIT

Tania Ganguli @taniaganguli · 17h 17 hours ago
A.J. Bouye said he was having trouble breathing, which is why he came out of the game. Tried to return, but struggled. Had an x-rayAccording to HoustonTexans.com, there's a "decent chance" Jadeveon Clowney (knee) returns for Week 8.

ind - LB freeman 91% walden 30% studebaker 45% newsome 43% DB gordy 70%

mathis ir, landry + d butler out

Walden was ejected in the second quarter of Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals after he swiped down to push head linesman Bruce Stritesky’s arm off of him.

Colts ILB Jerrell Freeman left Sunday's Week 7 game against the Bengals with a hip injury, but later returned.
Freeman, who had been battling a hamstring injury over the last few weeks, only missed a series or two
jax - LB poz 89% hayes 49% t smith 51% j thomas 57% watson 9% DL a branch 57% r davis 31%

DB ball 100% blackmon 51% mccray 66% gratz 31%

poz + a branch inj v CLE

Posluszny was injured when he sacked Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer in the fourth quarter. He stayed in the game for the next play.

“It’s a big loss,” Bradley said. “He had been playing well since I got here.”

Bradley said J.T. Thomas would get the first shot at the middle linebacker spot. Thomas had started recently at the Otto spot so that will give LaRoy Reynolds and Dekoda Watson a chance to compete for a bigger role.

Branch’s injury, which also came in the fourth quarter, required him to use crutches to leave the stadium Sunday. In his absence, Ryan Davis could take on more of a pass-rushing role (he normally moves inside to defensive tackle on third downs) and rookie linebacker Chris Smith, a college defensive end, could also enter the mix.

Other injuries:

*CB Alan Ball (biceps) won’t practice Wednesday and his status is up in the air for Sunday.
kc - LB mauga 100% jmj 54% DB fleming 98% gaines 65% coleman 44% cooper 0%

berry + c owens out @SD

The Kansas City Chiefs snap counts this week are interesting because of what went down with Marcus Cooper, who has been the Chiefs starting cornerback all season. The Chiefs decided to put Cooper on the bench in favor of little known Jamell Fleming, who was signed off the Ravens practice squad in the first week of the season.

Phillip Gaines, CB: +2.7

Breakdown: After seeing just three snaps prior to this week, the rookie from Rice got his first start and produced a game to be proud of. Targeted five times, none of the balls his way were completed and he got his hands in to knock one away.

Signature Stat: Gaines was the only corner this week to give up no catches when targeted more than once. ~ PFF
mia - j jenkins 100% misi 72% wheeler 21% mccain 15% trusnik 19% DB re jones 100% grimes 85% m thomas 49%

j wilson out, grimes + misi inj @CHI

min - LB greenway 93% brinkley 47% DB robinson 60%

g hodges out, greenway returns @BUF

nep - LB hightower 100% collins 100% skinner 6%

DL ninky 100% cha jones 97% wilfork 79% chr jones 57% walker 56% easley 23%

DB chung 89% harmon 6% dennard 57% l ryan 52% browner 47% arrington 1%

mayo ir, hightower + easley return, browner active v NYJ ---- [edit: pats trade for akeem ayers]

Quick-hit thoughts: The Patriots played most of the game in their 5-2 or nickel with two linebackers, only going with three off-the-line linebackers for a short stretch in the second half. Skinner was the third linebacker, which explains his low snap total. ~ Mike Reiss
nos - LB hawthorne 97% DL bunkley 20% DB bush 100% white 96% k lewis 86% dixon 61% m ball 30%

humber + p robinson out, bunkley concussed @DET

nyg - LB beason 27% j williams 100% j mcclain 85% d kennard 35% herzlich 3%

DL kiwanuka 90% r ayers 31% de moore 16% c jenkins 18% m kuhn 37%

DB drc 24% bowman 73% hosley 24% s brown 24%

thurmond + mcbride ir, beason + jenkins inj @DAL

Starting middle linebacker Jon Beason lasted just 17 snaps because of a toe injury that has now proven troublesome since June

Ebenezer Samuel , Daily News, NFL Writer
Jon Beason on WFAN: "I'm playing without a critical ligament in my big toe." Beason is currently in Charlotte visiting Dr. Robert Anderson.
Rodgers-Cromartie was another key offseason signing. He also hasn't been able to remain healthy, and was used sparingly Sunday afternoon in Dallas because of an IT band injury that has caused problems down his whole right side.

The week of rest may help, but there seems a realistic possibility that the injury is going to be something he deals with throughout the remainder of the season.

The Giants appeared intent on limiting the amount they used nickel cornerback Jayron Hosley. He also played just 15 snaps. The Giants went with their base defense more often on Sunday afternoon and employed a three-safety look with Stevie Brown, who also played 15 snaps. It was the most defensive coordinator Perry Fewell has used the three-safety look this season.

• Rookie linebacker Devon Kennard shouldered his biggest workload of the season with 22 snaps. Expect to see more of him as we move forward if Beason can't return.

Art Stapleton @art_stapleton Follow

Giants DL coach Robert Nunn on Damontre Moore: "I'm going to get him more at-bats from this point on." #NYG
nyj - LB d harris 100% babin 70% coples 33% a barnes 25%

DB c pryor 91% k wilson 65% p adams 35% a allen 75% walls 100% jarrett 4%

milliner ir, a barnes activated @NEP

oak - LB burris 97% moore 88% mack 88% DL c wilson 59% mayowa 45% woodley 37%

DB young 61% b ross 42% carrie 59%

roach ir, tuck out, u young ir'd, woodley inj v ARI

Sparano declined to divulge Woodley's injury, saying his absence was the reason for increased snaps for Benson Mayowa and also meant junking a plan to reduce the amount of work for rookie strong side linebacker Khalil Mack.

Young was replaced by Brandian Ross,
phi - BYE

pit - LB spence 87% moats 49% j harrison 56% DL keisel 71% tuitt 38% DB mccain 98% c allen 67%

j jones shorty ir, shazier + i taylor out, v HOU

[note: tomlin claims shazier close to returning]

sd - LB butler 100% gachkar 46% walker 59% conner 39% j johnson 59% DL liuget 77%

DB s wright 99% r marshall 77% addae 61% flowers 27%

m ingram ir, te'o, verrett + attaochu out, wright and walker return, flowers concussed v KC

sea - LB wright 100% irvin 86% m smith 100% DE avril 69% DB burley 76% simon 39% s terrell 0%

wagner + maxwell out, simon inj @STL

sf - wilhoite 100% lynch 73% skuta 37% borland 95% DB brock 87% d johnson 62%

willis, culliver, + ward out, t brock back, got blown out @DEN

stl - LB dunbar 39% DL donald 72% DB jenkins 82% roberson 18% ej gaines 100% l joyner 61%

t johnson still out, jenkins inj v SEA

tb - BYE

ten - LB woodyard 70% a williamson 89% DB g wilson 86% d stafford 43% m huff 54%

pollard ir, c sensabaugh out @WAS

was - LB compton 100% orakpo 61% murphy 54% DB amerson 100% meriweather 100% biggers 70% robinson 0%

t porter + riley out, orakpo ir'd v TEN

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Excellent as always Kool-Aid! Quick question though; who's the add between Wright and Smith in Seattle? Having trouble figuring that one out.

Excellent as always Kool-Aid! Quick question though; who's the add between Wright and Smith in Seattle? Having trouble figuring that one out.
well, that'd just be my bs opinion, but I think wright is subbing at mlb, which would be the preferred position, I suppose --- I'd vet that out, though.

plus, he might maintain some value as a 3 down guy even when wagner comes back.

I just checked the gamebook and it has coyle starting at mlb, but that can't be right -- he didn't get a defensive snap.

here are some gifs

Rock on, thanks for the opinion! Those .gifs were pretty interesting as well. I landed Wright, so we'll see what happens.


ARI (v PHI) 92 !! 26 incompletions

BUF (@NYJ) 84 24 inc

IND (@PIT) 83

CLE (v OAK) 82

TEN (v HOU) 82

KC (v STL) 52


DAL def has only gotten ~50 snaps wk 1+2 with 76 in wk 3, 61, 59, 49, and 63

GB off has only provided 62, 71, 53, 52, 54, 80, 58, and 68 snaps

TEN has only provided 79, 49, 69, 48, 68, 58, 56, and 61 snaps

IND off has provided 74, 72, 75, 87, 82, 87, 79, and 66 snaps

misc team and player notes:

ari - LB okafor 75% acho 71% minter 17% DL c campbell 67% kelly 67% stinson 55% k martin 11%

DB jefferson 79% johnson 100% bucannon 83% mathieu 83% powers 91% p peterson 29%

shaughnessy shorty ir, keiser out, c campbell returns, peterson + jefferson concussed, mostly dime v PHI

atl - LB bartu 52% shembo 4% DL goodman 80% massaquoi 49% biermann 65% osi 37%

DB j wilson 79% mcclain 17% southward 27%

moore ir, babineaux out, mostly nickel v DET

bal - LB suggs 96% d smith 100% DL ngata 74%

DB elam 97% webb 93% brooks 47% stewart 81% j smith 12% franks 85% w hill 18%

a brown, canty, + ch brown out, a jackson shorty ir, j smith inj @CIN

buf - LB bradham 94% rivers 1% p brown 100% spikes 35% DL hughes 63% m williams 48% wynn 52% dareus 51%

DB graham 60% robey 67% searcy 65% d williams 56% a williams 55%

heavy nickel+ in blowout @NYJ

car - LB klein 28% DB r harper 100% norman 100% dockery 51% decoud 69% tre boston 30% colin jones 23%

hardy, blackburn, + benwikere out, godfrey cut, norman returns, deccoud inj v SEA

Safety Colin Jones, who has spent the vast majority of his two-plus seasons in Carolina solely on special teams, started the first game of his career as the nickel cornerback against Seattle.

DeCoud pulled his hamstring during the second half and watched the Seahawks’ winning drive from the sideline.

Joe Person @josephperson · Oct 26

Boston back in for DeCoud, who has a leg injury.
Joe Person @josephperson · Oct 26
#Panthers S Thomas DeCoud says he caught hamstring injury before it could get worse. Says he's definitely playing Thurs. vs. #Saints.

#Panthers S Roman Harper wasn't hurt on game-winning TD by #Seahawks' Luke Willson. Needed a minute to collect himself

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/10/26/5268447/carolina-panthers-squander-chances.html#.VE7WgsmJvsE#storylink=cpy
chi - LB ch jones 100% sharpton 15% greene 0% mcclellin 71% dj williams 88% DL ratliff 63% houston 74%

DB conte 66% fuller 29% louis-jean 70% mcmanis 0% vereen 32% hurst 29%

bostic, briggs, and mccray out, conte returns, fuller, conte, sharpton + houston :lol: inj, mostly base while blown out @NEP

cin - lamur 100% burfict 92% rey 57% flowers 5% dimanche 0% DB a jones 51% hall 97%

b thompson + maualuga out, lamur returns v BAL

cle - LB kirksey 29% robertson 40% mingo 62% DL rubin 30% j hughes 48% d bryant 76%

DB gilbert 51% leonhard 40% k williams 9%

p taylor, a bryant, + winn out, rubin returns, j hughes + k williams inj v OAK

dal - LB mcclain 94% durant 67% carter 51% wilber 7% hitchens 0% DL a spencer 55% melton 39% t crawford 63%

DB s moore 75%

j crawford out, carter returns, durant ir'd, mostly nickel v WAS

Garrett told reporters yesterday that DeMarcus Lawrence should be activated in time for the team's Week 9 meeting with the Arizona Cardinals.
den - LB marshall 100% von miller 89% irving 81% c nelson 0% mccray 11% DL ware 68% DB roby 89%

trevathan ir, mostly nickel v SD

det - LB whitehead 90% bynes 13% palmer 53% DL fairley 32%, j jones 63% g johnson 50% ansah 57%

DB gorrer 20% vaughn 38%

lawson, bentley + tulloch ir, mosley suspended, fairley inj @ATL

gb - LB hawk 84% lattimore 34% barrington 66% peppers + c matthews 68% DL daniels 62% robinson 7%

DB t williams 99% m hyde 100% dix 94% hayward 65% house 99%

datone jones, shields, + burnett out, peppers got an endzone target on offense @NOS

hou - LB b reed 33% clowney 52% mercilus 75% mohamed 70% tuggle 41% dent 36%

DB joseph 80% bouye 70% d manning 54% a hal 20%

cushing + d morris out, clowney returns, watt got a snap on offense @TEN

ind - LB freeman 99% walden 40% studebaker 37% newsome 35% DB butler 87% davis 13% gordy 47% brown 82%

mathis ir, landry still suspended, d butler + art jones return, v davis + walden inj @PIT

[laron landry eligible to return]

Landry is not considered a slam dunk to play against the Giants. Pagano offered something of a warning of that very possibility.

"If we want him to play on Monday, then we have to do it by 4 p.m.," Pagano explained. "If he's not, and we don't want to throw him out there after being gone for a month – which I hope everyone would understand – then we don't have to do that."

Pagano seemed unwilling to commit without knowing Landry's physical state. The team was not permitted to have contact with him during the suspension and Pagano said he had not seen nor heard from Landry as of late Monday afternoon.
jax - LB hayes 34% t smith 66% j thomas 100% watson 34% reynolds 0% DL r davis 46% chr smith 19%

DB blackmon 66% mccray 100% gratz 85% j harris 17%

poz + a branch ir, ball out, blackmon inj v MIA

Blackmon, who turned 30 on Monday, injured the finger fighting off Miami receiver Jarvis Landry.

“It happened the very first play of the game,” Blackmon said.

“I thought I sprained it pretty bad, so I taped it. Then, it hurt more than I thought. … I broke my thumb before. It was a clean break. This was worse than that.”

Babich mentioned three players that could replace Blackmon: safety Sherrod Martin and cornerbacks Peyton Thompson and Aaron Colvin.

Martin, a fifth-year veteran, seems the most likely choice. Thompson was just signed off the practice squad and Colvin has practiced once all season after recovering from a knee injury Cornerback Dwayne Gratz was active after not practicing Friday. The second-year player was greatly needed, as the Jaguars were already down starting cornerback Alan Ball.Gratz sustained a hip flexor injury in Thursday’s practice. He not only played, but started opposite Demetrius McCray.“We went through the daily drills that we do,” Gratz said. “From there, everything was all good. We were smart about the reps I took during the game. I thought I was going to be rotating. I didn’t, which I was cool with.”
kc - LB mauga 73% jmj 75% hali 62% d ford 31% DB fleming 33% gaines 75% coleman 37% cooper 44%

berry + c owens out, blowout v STL

mia - LB j jenkins 93% wheeler 20% sheppard 24% trusnik 75% DL wake 65% vernon 52% d jordan 42%

DB finnegan 93% grimes 93% m thomas 32% taylor 45%

misi + j wilson out, dion jordan activated @JAX

Michael Thomas and Jamar Taylor split nickel corner duties with Jimmy Wilson sidelined by his hamstring injury for a second game. Thomas played inside on his snaps and Taylor playing outside while Cortland Finnegan went inside. Finnegan left Sunday's game with an elbow injury,
min - LB greenway 98% brinkley 47% barr 100% DL robison 67% wootton 40% s floyd 77% DB robinson 53%

g hodges out @TB

nep - LB hightower 100% collins 75% ayers 46% skinner 35%

DL ninky 87% wilfork 62% chr jones 42% walker 65% easley 59% z moore 30%

DB chung 80% harmon 32% l ryan 78% browner 81% arrington 13%

mayo ir, dennard + chandler jones out, akeem ayers active in blowout v CHI

nos - LB hawthorne 93% DL bunkley 35% DB p robinson 62% dixon 3% m ball 34%

humber + p robinson return v GB

nyg - BYE [beason to have toe surgery]

nyj - LB babin 33% a barnes 31% coples 65%

DB c pryor 69% k wilson 35% p adams 0% a allen 100% walls 96% jarrett 27%

milliner ir, v BUF

oak - LB burris + s moore 100% mack 98% DL c wilson 55% mayowa 77% tuck 21%

DB b ross 100% carrie 36% chekwa 0% hayden 9%

roach, u young, woodley ir, tuck returns, hayden active, chekwa inj @CLE

phi - LB ryans 80% kendricks 31% acho 26% matthews 20% graham 40% DB boykin 60% carroll 43%

kendricks returns @ARI

pit - LB shazier 45% spence 2% v williams 55% moats 53% j harrison 47% DB mccain 98% c allen 62%

j jones shorty ir, i taylor out, shazier returns v IND

sd - LB butler 100% gachkar 68% walker 51% conner 22% j johnson 62%

DB s wright 97% r marshall 62% addae 78% verrett 29% c davis 22%

m ingram ir, te'o, flowers + attaochu out, verrett + addae inj @DEN [r marshall has been cut]

sea - LB wright 100% irvin 83% m smith 63% pierre-louis 33% DB burley 35% simon 97%

wagner + maxwell out, m smith inj @CAR

--With Malcolm Smith dealing with a groin injury, rookie Kevin Pierre-Louis saw his first significant playing time at linebacker, playing 20 snaps and earning some postgame praise from Pete Carroll.

At 6-foot, 235, Pierre-Louis is a bit of the small side for a consistent pass rusher, but he is the fastest linebacker on the team (4.4-second speed) and a man who knows how to get after the quarterback from his years at Boston College.
“Yeah, I did a lot of blitzing in college,” Pierre-Louis said. “I’d say easily 40 percent of the plays my last year I was rushing the passer, up the middle and off the sides.”
And it worked. Pierre-Louis started all 13 games last year for the Eagles, posting six sacks and 10.5 tackles for loss. He also had a career-best 108 tackles.
sf - BYE

stl - LB dunbar 73% DL donald 61% quinn 71% DL hayes 76% sims 55%

DB roberson 98% ej gaines 98% mcleod 74% c davis 5% l joyner 53%

t johnson + jenkins out, hayes, mcleod + davis inj, blown out @KC

Jim Thomas @jthom1 · Oct 26

Although unannounced during game as injured, DE Williams Hayes left locker room on crutches

.Jim Thomas @jthom1 · Oct 26

McLeod has knee issue, return questionable.

Cody Davis in for McLeod

Cody Davis being evaluated for concussion.

Joyner now moves to safety.
tb - LB foster 99% lansanah 39% DB goldson 94% banks 87% frey 44%

casillas out, banks + goldson return v MIN

ten - LB woodyard 65% a williamson 91% DB g wilson 90% d stafford 44% m huff 54%

pollard ir, c sensabaugh out v HOU

was - LB t murphy 94% e brown 11% compton 6% DB biggers 48%

orakpo ir, heavy DL rotation @DAL

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Cool, I hope that's correct. What about Shariff Floyd because he's a tackle? Does the same thing apply for defensive lineman as linebackers?

The Admiral said:
Cool, I hope that's correct. What about Shariff Floyd because he's a tackle? Does the same thing apply for defensive lineman as linebackers?
no, most tackles tend to rotate or get subbed out on nickel --- they all can vary.

basically, solid starters, in general, will either play every snap or just the same snaps as established earlier in the thread.

in this case, barr is 100%, and from memory I think floyd typically gets about 75%.

I don't really pay much attention to tackles, though.

edit: added them

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Thanks again for doing this, I never can find the snap counts until they are up on Wednesday AM, so I always come to read this "column".

Do you have Larry Fooote? Thanks
I don't put foote in there just because he's in for every snap each week -- but I'll double check and add him if it's much less than 100%

if his situation was to change due to injury, or whatever reason, then I'd list him.


Question: If you were NFL commissioner, what would be the one thing you would change about the league?

Answer: I would get rid of the sock fines.

Q: Who wins a fight between a bear and a shark in five feet of water and why?

A: Five feet of water? That's a lot of water. The shark. It was a four feet, I would say the bear.

Q: Are you a collector of anything?

A: I'm a halfhearted doomsday prepper, so I collect survival gear and equipment.

Q: If you could have lunch with one person from any time period, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

A: Woody Hayes.

Q: Who is your celebrity crush?

A: Jill Scott.

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/eagles/20141031_Kelly_has_changed_Eagles__approach_on_injuries.html#Y90TJUK7ExugkUjD.99
Kendricks played 22 snaps against the Cardinals, mostly as the lone inside linebacker in the dime package. He's been a full participant in practice this week and should have a more prominent role, but his calf still may not be 100 percent.

"We'll get together after Saturday and get a read with him and [trainer] Chris Peduzzi and say, 'How many snaps do we think is in the right ballpark with him?' " coach Chip Kelly said. "And then [defensive coordinator] Billy [Davis] makes adjustments in terms of his play-call and packages."

Even though Kendricks is close to a full recovery, Marcus Smith has continued to practice at inside linebacker this week. It doesn't appear that the Eagles have any plans to move him back outside, where the team projected him to play when the rookie was drafted in the first round.

"They haven't said anything to me about it," said Smith, who did not play against Arizona. "For right now, I guess I'll be an inside linebacker."

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/eagles/20141031_Kelly_has_changed_Eagles__approach_on_injuries.html#Y90TJUK7ExugkUjD.99
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I don't think Marcus Smith gets meaningful minutes this season unless a major injury occurs to Trent Cole. Even then, though, I think he's still see a rotation between him, Connor Barwin, and Brandon Graham. Also, Marcus Smith was helping to cover for Kendricks while Kendricks was out, but Emmanuel Acho, Casey Matthews, and Marcus Smith all rotated into the spot. I wouldn't bank on Marcus Smith doing anything significant this season because he's been struggling a lot in his rookie season. In the opinion of many in Philadelphia, he could just end up being a bust, which I could see happening. I wish the Eagles would have drafted someone in the secondary, but I don't make draft picks. Ryans and Kendricks seem to be the only Eagles linebackers worth having in fantasy. Maybe Smith becomes relevant next year (maybe).

Actually has my interest peaked some. I never thought they would move him inside and avoided him in drafts thinking he would be the next Branden Graham.

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The move really makes little sense, but, since Chip came from college football, maybe he knows something I don't about Smith's abilities. I think they took him to back up Cole and eventually step into that role, but, as you said, Brandon Graham, who is actually starting to play better in his limited snaps, could fill that role, too. Meanwhile, the Eagles' secondary gets obliterated on an almost-weekly basis. It's frustrating. I think they moved him inside to fill in for Kendricks, but his coverage skills are circumspect. I really have no clue how he finds a role on the Eagles front seven for a considerable amount of time. Better luck next year with a first-rounder who can step in and start.


DEN (@NEP) 84 -- brady 20 inc on 53 att

HOU (v PHI) 83

OAK (@SEA) 82

NEP (v DEN) 80 -- manning 23 inc on 57 att

SF (v STL) 55

MIA (v SD) 51


DAL def has only gotten ~50 snaps wk 1+2 with 76 in wk 3, 61, 59, 49, 63, 67, and 67

GB off has only provided 62, 71, 53, 52, 54, 80, 58, and 68 snaps

TEN has only provided 79, 49, 69, 48, 68, 58, 56, and 61 snaps

IND off has provided 74, 72, 75, 87, 82, 87, 79, 66, and 75 snaps

misc team and player notes:

ari - LB okafor 83% acho 78% minter 19% DL c campbell 89% kelly 62% stinson 52%

DB jefferson 30% johnson 100% bucannon 61% mathieu 53% powers 62% p peterson 98%

shaughnessy shorty ir, keiser still out @DAL

atl - BYE

bal - LB suggs 77% DL ngata 62% canty 43%

DB webb 100% franks 87% elam 39% stewart 100% w hill 87% ch brown 19%

a jackson shorty ir, a brown, t brooks, + j smith out, ch brown + c canty return @PIT

Ravens rookie safety Terrrence Brooks showed some frustration about being kept on the sideline as an inactive player for Sunday's loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The third-round draft pick from Florida State said he was surprised he was a healthy scratch during the 43-23 defeat at Heinz Field, and he figured it was prompted by him allowing a 53-yard catch to Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Mohamed Sanu the previous week.

"Somewhat surprised, to tell you the truth. I didn't really think I was going to be down," Brooks said. "At the beginning of the week, I saw some reps go away. I know it was because of that one play last week. I feel like everything else is really strong except for that one play."

The Ravens reconfigured their secondary without success, as quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw six touchdown passes and zero interceptions. They started Will Hill and Darian Stewart at safety and shifted strong safety Matt Elam to nickel back.

- See more at: http://www.capitalgazette.com/sports/bal-ravens-rookie-safety-terrence-brooks-disappointed-at-being-a-healthy-scratch-20141103,0,444251.story#sthash.adDWWVZW.dpuf
buf - BYE

car - LB klein 32%

DB norman 91% cason 51% white 54% dockery 30% r harper 100% boston 75% colin jones 38% lester 21%

blackburn ir'd, hardy, deccoud, + benwikere out, r lester signed off ps v NOS

cornerback Antoine Cason was benched, although he said the plan was to play Melvin White some regardless. It's about time, too. Cason, according to Pro Football Focus, has a negative grade in coverage every game. The issue is the Panthers don't have many options to replace him. They have already moved Josh Norman in for White, who didn't play a defensive snap the week before.

Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera insisted cornerback Antoine Cason wasn’t benched late in the first half of Thursday night’s 28-10 loss to New Orleans.

The snap counts don’t support that.
Cason didn’t return after being called for pass interference against Robert Meachem in the end zone with six seconds left in the half. He was replaced by Melvin White, who played the rest of the game and finished with 41 snaps.
Rivera called that two-minute drive in which Cason also gave up receptions of 17 and nine yards to wide receiver Kenny Stills as the turning point in the game. Cason wasn’t the only defensive back who was pulled after giving up a big play. Rookie cornerback Tre Boston, starting for the injured Thomas DeCoud (hamstring), was replaced by Robert Lester in the fourth quarter after tight end Jimmy Graham caught a 27-yard pass over the middle.
chi - BYE

cin - LB lamur 98% rey 100% n johnson 27% flowers 0% dimanche 0% DL b thompson 29% d still 6% atkins 75%

DB a jones 71% hall 86% kirkpatrick 16%

d dennard, burfict + maualuga out, b thompson returns, hall concussed v JAX

cle - LB kirksey 33% robertson 56% mingo 58% DL rubin 47% winn 41% d bryant 78%

DB gilbert 25% leonhard 11% k williams 19%

a bryant ir, j hughes shorty ir'd, p taylor out, winn returns, j gilbert inj v TB

Nate Ulrich @NateUlrichABJ · Nov 2

#Browns rookie CB Justin Gilbert was tested for a concussion, but he did not have a concussion, a team spokesman said.
Browns DC Jim O'Neil said OLB Barkevious Mingo (shoulder) probably won't be healthy all season.

Mingo hurt his shoulder over the summer and has been playing with a harness to protect it. It's causing him to have trouble getting off blocks and also from wrapping up on tackles.
dal - LB mcclain 90% carter 24% wilber 37% hitchens 75%

DL a spencer 43% melton 39% t crawford 75% d lawrence 40% DB s moore 60% patmon 21%

durant ir, j crawford out, t crawford + mcclain inj, d lawrence active v ARI

NOTE: hitchens came off and looked at by med staff, but I saw no reports of actual injury

Henry Melton, DT: +2.5

Breakdown: A large part of Dallas’ rejuvenated defense this year has been thanks to the offseason free agent pickup Henry Melton, who is quickly regaining his 2012 Pro Bowl form while with the Bears. In just 26 snaps against the Cardinals, Melton managed two sacks, a hit, and a hurry, as well as two stops on defense.

Signature Stat: Melton currently leads all defensive tackles with a Pass Rush Productivity rating of 11.2. ~PFF

Brandon George @DMN_George · Nov 2

Dallas Cowboys keeping Anthony Hitchens in for nickel LB instead of Bruce Carter. Hitchens started in base in place of Justin Durant at WLB
Cowboys LE Tyrone Crawford has been diagnosed with a sprained MCL.

. At the bare minimum, Crawford will miss two weeks, but will likely be sidelined for over a month.

Cowboys MLB Rolando McClain (right knee) is expected to be "fine" for Week 10.

McClain was in distress after getting rolled up late in Sunday's loss to the Cardinals, but it was apparently just a scare.
den - LB marshall 100% von miller 93% irving 69% c nelson 25% DL ware 73% DB roby 67%

trevathan ir, irving inj while BLOWN OUT :towelwave: :towelwave: @NEP

det - BYE [ Lions activated SLB Kyle Van Noy (abdominal) off IR/designation to return.]

gb - BYE

hou - LB b reed 67% mercilus 83% mohamed 51% tuggle 48% dent 46% j simon 41%

DB joseph 12% k jackson 5% bouye 82% d manning 49% a hal 95% j rolle 67%

cushing, d morris + clowney out, joseph + k jackson inj v PHI

ind - LB dq jax 95% newsome 61% DB v davis 83% butler 75%

a jones, walden + l landry out @NYG

[ l landry activated postgame ]

jax - LB hayes 50% t smith 50% j thomas 100% laaarooyyy reynolds 35% j george 15% DL r davis 31% ch smith 15%

DB mccray 99% gratz 99% j harris 0% s martin 62%

poz + a branch ir, ball + blackmon ir'd, a colvin still not active (NFI), d watson out, j george inj @CIN

The team also signed linebacker Khairi Fortt, a fourth-round draft pick by New Orleans in May, from the Cincinnati Bengals' practice squad. The Jaguars needed a linebacker because George is expected to be out for a significant period of time with a high ankle sprain suffered against the Bengals on Sunday. George was getting a lot of playing time at middle linebacker, which allowed the Jaguars to move J.T. Thomas back to the OTTO spot on the outside.
Thomas had started the Miami game at middle linebacker because of the season-ending pectoral injury Paul Posluszny suffered against Cleveland on Oct. 19.

Ryan Davis, DT, +1.6

Breakdown: Davis continues to impress as a pass rusher in the limited amount of playing time he receives. He picked up two of the team’s four quarterback pressures on just 15 pass rush snaps, and also forced a fumble while tackling A.J. Green. Davis’s +13.0 cumulative pass rush grade is tied for third-highest among defensive tackles despite being on the field for just 129 passing plays.

Signature Stat: Davis has a Pass Rushing Productivity of 11.5 this season, highest among defensive tackles that have played a minimum of 65 pass-rushing snaps ~ PFF
kc - LB mauga 100% jmj 36% hali 100% d ford 0%

DB s smith 94% gaines 96% abdullah 100% parker 100% berry 74% coleman 48% cooper 10%

j fleming + c owens out, berry finally returns, heavy db usage v NYJ

Adam Teicher - KC Star, Chiefs Beat Writer
Eric Berry is not starting for Chiefs. Abdullah and Parker at safety

Marcus Cooper, who started the first five games of the season, is nowhere to be found. When the Chiefs went dime, they played Ron Parker and Sean Smith at CB with Phillip Gaines at nickel. Kurt Coleman, Eric Berry and Husain Abdullah were the safeties.
Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/red-zone/article3522971.html#storylink=cpy

"For the role [nickel] he [berry] played, he ended up playing quite a bit because they went into their subgroups and we had to play a lot of nickel," coach Andy Reid said. "I thought it was just important that he get back in and kind of get back into the swing of things, particularly the speed of the game, just getting him used to that again. I thought he played well."
mia - LB jenkins 80% misi 63% wheeler 31% sheppard 24% trusnik 6% tripp 8%

DL wake 63% vernon 69% jordan 43%

DB finnegan 82% grimes 82% delmas 82% re jones 75% j wilson 76% m thomas 27% taylor 18%

m thomas ir'd, misi + j wilson return in blowout v SD

min - LB greenway 100% barr 100% brinkley 33% hodges 0% DL robison 72% wootton 36% s floyd 79%

DB rhodes 82% robinson 75%

g hodges active v WAS

Noteworthy: Robison, who played through a bruised gluteal muscle last week against Tampa Bay, looked like he was hobbling several times on Sunday, and the Vikings used Wootton in more than one-third of their defensive plays. They also spent less time in their pass-rushing package, meaning Stephen [DT] got more snaps than Johnson [DT] as the Vikings were forced to honor the Redskins' running game. ... The Vikings had both Greenway and Gerald Hodges healthy for the first time since September, but they didn't go back to the look they had used the last time both were active, moving Barr to defensive end in passing situations and playing Hodges at strong-side linebacker. ... Sherels, then Prater, came in at nickel cornerback while Rhodes was being evaluated for a head injury, which also put Robinson in the Vikings' base defense.

Tom Pelissero - USA Today, NFL Writer
Xavier Rhodes has returned for #Vikings. No concussion, apparently.
nep - LB hightower 100% collins 100% ayers 92%

DL ninky 100% wilfork 76% chr jones 49% walker 22% easley 38% a branch 15%

DB chung 82% harmon 5% l ryan 5% browner 99% arrington 66% m butler 45%

mayo ir, dennard, z moore + chandler jones out in BLOWOUT v DEN :towelwave: :towelwave:

nos - LB humber 95% DL bunkley 47% DB p robinson 44% m ball 11%

hawthorne out @CAR

nyg - LB j williams 100% j mcclain 100% d kennard 37%

DL jpp 87% kiwanuka 76% ayers 60% de moore 33% m kuhn 29%

DB drc 84% bowman 71% amukamara 23% hosley 55% s brown 28%

thurmond, mcbride + beason ir, c jenkins out, amukamara [ir'd] + jpp inj v IND

Jason Pierre-Paul, who missed Saturday's practice and came out of Monday's game briefly with a shoulder injury, is someone whose health status the Giants will monitor more closely this week.

nyj - DB c pryor 33% jarrett 66% marcus williams 97% a allen 52% j thomas 48% k wilson 24% p adams 0%

milliner ir, walls out @KC

So let's get this straight: Ryan held a three-man cornerback competition last week in practice between an undrafted rookie (Marcus Williams) and two veterans (Josh Thomas and Phillip Adams), both from John Idzik's previous team, the Seattle Seahawks -- and he picks Williams to start. Hmm, I wonder if there was a subliminal message there. As it turned out, Williams -- straight from the practice squad -- didn't embarrass himself. You certainly could read a lot into this situation.

Rookie safety Calvin Pryor, continuing his disappointing season, was pulled in the second half and played sparingly. Ryan didn't call it a benching. He said opted for Jaiquawn Jarrett because he liked what he saw from him after Pryor went out with a shoulder injury. Pryor returned, but was limited primarily to special teams. He didn't seem bothered.
"They didn't want to mess up the groove," the first-round pick said. "Jaiquawn got out there and was playing pretty good."

Jets CB Antonio Allen was benched at halftime of the Week 9 loss at Kansas City.
Allen was getting whipped all over the field by Travis Kelce in the first half, giving up a 12-yard touchdown and a 34-yard completion. He was replaced by Josh Thomas. "I wanted to stop somebody," Ryan said when asked to explain why he benched Allen. Interestingly, Thomas expected to start the game. He found out Saturday it was going to be Williams and Allen. The other options were Phillip Adams and Kyle Wilson, who remained in the slot.
oak - LB burris 88% s moore 90% mack 99% r armstrong 17% DL c wilson 35% mayowa 55% tuck 56%

DB b ross 96% carrie 74% hayden 84% l asante 13%

roach, u young, woodley ir, chekwa + c rogers out @SEA

phi - LB ryans 73% kendricks 98% acho 0% matthews 5% graham 33% DL curry 27%

DB wolff 100% boykin 53% carroll 23%

d ryans ir'd, n allen + marcus smith out @HOU

pit - LB shazier 24% spence 56% v williams 23% moats 39% j harrison 59%

DB mccain 99% c allen 1% polamalu 44% w allen 56% a blake 51%

j jones shorty ir, i taylor out, shazier + polamalu inj v BAL

James Harrison, OLB, +4.7

Breakdown: Arthur Moats may have had the start at ROLB but Harrison had more snaps (41 to 30) and the greater impact as he terrorized Joe Flacco in the pocket as he has so often before. His six takedowns of Flacco (2 Sk, 4 Ht) takes him to 13 in his last three games converting all but two of his quarterback pressures in the Steelers’ three game home stand into sacks or hits.

Signature Play: Harrison re-acquainted himself with Flacco at the 3:37 mark in the first, his first sack against the Ravens since Week 13 2012, driving outside Eugene Monroe to see the Ravens off the field on third down.

Antwon Blake, CB, +2.3

Breakdown: Seeing the first significant action of his career (37 career snaps before his 35 snaps last night) Blake provided the Steelers with the best coverage they have had all season across from William Gay. Surrendering only three catches on seven targets Blake got his hands to two passes and only surrendered one yard after the catch on the three completions he did allow.

Signature Play: Recorded his two pass defenses on the Ravens’ final scoring drive, the second of them coming on a perfectly timed drive & hit on a slant by Torrey Smith with 4:15 left in the game. ~ PFF
sd - LB butler 93% gachkar 70% walker 26% conner 20% j johnson 57% freeney 51% c law 34% t williams 32%

DB s wright 100% c davis 87% flowers 78% stuckey 36%

m ingram ir, te'o, attaochu, verrett + addae out, blown out @MIA

Undrafted rookie free agent Chris Davis brought some life to San Diego’s anemic return game. Davis averaged 29 yards per kick return, with a long of 35 yards. It’s the first game Davis served as the team’s kick returner during the regular season.

sea - LB wright 100% irvin 90% coyle 53% pierre-louis 25% m morgan 23%

DB burley 47% simon 97% shead 100% chancellor 0%

wagner, m smith. maxwell + j johnson out v OAK

Shead only got his chance because Kam Chancellor’s backup Jeron Johnson was out with a concussion. Undrafted rookie Brock Coyle started at middle linebacker with K.J. Wright moving back to weakside linebacker due to an injury suffered by Malcolm Smith.

Chancellor (groin) and Okung (calf) both suffered muscle strains in practice last week. Carroll said both players feel they’re ready to go.Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/nov/3/backups-lift-seattle-but-injury-help-on-the-way/?#ixzz3I4AA2PwD
sf - LB wilhoite 100% borland 91% a lynch 56% skuta 49% DB culliver 100% j ward 47%

t brock + willis out, culliver + j ward return, skuta inj v STL

stl - LB dunbar 49% DL donald 70% hayes 48% sims 78%

DB t johnson 78% roberson 24% ej gaines 93% mcleod 97% l joyner 57% barron 0% [played some sp teams]

cody davis + j jenkins out, t johnson returns, hayes inj @SF

mark barron traded for

tb - LB foster 100% lansanah 67% DL m johnson 69%

DB goldson 70% m wright 96% mcdougald 46% banks 85% frey 21% @CLE

casillas + barron traded

ten - BYE

was - LB t murphy 92% e brown 14% DB biggers 36% @MIN

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PHI (v CAR) 82

SF (@NOS) 81 OT

OAK (v DEN) 80

CAR (@PHI) 62

BAL (v TEN) 55

misc team and player notes:

ari - LB okafor 81% acho 50% minter 27% benard 5% DL c campbell 73% kelly 52% stinson 19%

DB jefferson 21% johnson 100% bucannon 71% mathieu 71% powers 79% p peterson 100% bethel 26%

shaughnessy shorty ir, keiser still out, dime heavy v STL

Recap: Stinson's groin injury limited his snaps, more so after he left the game and returned.

atl - LB bartu 42% shembo 21% DL goodman 50% massaquoi 8% biermann 88% osi 47% babineaux 78%

DB lowery 100% ishmael 72% southward 68% j wilson 68% mcclain 0%

moore shorty ir, babineaux returns @TB

pass-rusher Jonathan Massaquoi stood by his locker and said he was still bothered by a lingering foot injury, which had him questionable for the game. Massaquoi saw limited action Sunday.

Atlanta Falcons: Last year edge rusher Jonathan Massaquoi (-7.2 to +4.5) had pressure on 9.8% of his pass rushes. This year he has increased that to 15.8%. ~ PFF
bal - LB suggs 87% dumervil 49% a brown 0% DL ngata 67% canty 47% jernigan 27%

DB webb 96% a levine 73% gorrer 56% elam 27% stewart 67% w hill 95% t brooks 35%

j smith ir, a jackson shorty ir, ch brown + d franks cut, gorrer signed, a brown active v TEN

Secondary: The defensive backs bounced back strong and they didn't allow a pass over 20 yards for the first time this season. Rookie safety Terrence Brooks made the biggest defensive play of the game with his hit on Titans tight end Delanie Walker. Anthony Levine, a backup safety, made an impressive debut as the Ravens' new starting cornerback. He allowed one pass and broke up two others. Danny Gorrer, who was claimed off waivers last week, recorded only the second interception by a Ravens cornerback this season.

Surprise starter: Anthony Levine, a reserve safety, didn't get the news that he was going to start at cornerback until Sunday. "I've been waiting for this for a long time," Levine said. "To call myself a starting something in the NFL -- whether it was a safety or corner -- I was happy to say that I was starting." Levine replaced Jimmy Smith, who is out for the season with a foot injury. Harbaugh said it's time to call Levine a corner because he deserves it.
buf - LB bradham 92% rivers 10% brown 100% spikes 62% DL hughes 57% williams 67% wynn 33% dareus 72%

DB graham 13% robey 45% searcy 78% a williams 82% d williams 33%

wynn inj v KC

Nigel Bradham, LB: +5.5

Breakdown: Bradham earned green grades in run defense, pass coverage and as a pass rusher in an excellent and balanced effort. Of his seven tackles, four were Run Stops, and he had a hit and a hurry in his only two pass rush attempts.

Signature Play: At 11:14 of the second quarter, Bradham tackled Knile Davis 3 yards in the backfield, forcing a fumble in the process that was recovered by the Bills Last year Da’Norris Searcy (-1.5 to +5.2) allowed an above average 0.50 Yards Per Coverage Snap. This year he is at 0.17 which is the second-best in the league ~ PFF
car - LB klein 10% DL s lotulelei 42%

DB norman 100% cason 44% white 56% dockery 16% deccoud 100% harper 84% boston 16% colin jones 74%

blackburn ir'd, hardy, benwikere + lester out, deccoud returns, star inj while blown out @PHI

chi - LB briggs 87% bostic 45% ch jones 13% mcclellin 57% dj williams 63%

DL ratliff 60% sutton 40% fergie 42% young 64% c washington 39%

DB t jennings 85% fuller 100% hurst 37% louis-jean 13% mundy 73% conte 99% vereen 25%

houston ir, greene + sharpton out, bostic, briggs, and mccray return, not much nickel while blown out @GB

cin - LB lamur 100% rey 100% n johnson 79% DL b thompson 34% d still 41% atkins 47%

DB a jones 99% kirkpatrick 25% d dennard 0%

l hall, burfict + maualuga out, not much nickel in greg little's revenge game v CLE

With a rotation of defensive tackles Thursday that stemmed in part from a right knee injury Geno Atkins suffered but eventually returned from, Devon Still saw his second-most snaps of the season after receiving his fewest the week before. He was in on 31 plays on the same night his 4-year-old daughter, who is battling pediatric cancer, traveled more than 600 miles to watch him play for the first time since her June diagnosis.
cle - LB kirksey 55% robertson 25% mingo 42% DL rubin 25% winn 40% d bryant 63% p taylor 34%

DB whitner 88% gilbert 19% leonhard 40% k williams 67%

a bryant ir, j hughes shorty ir'd, gilbert has minor injury?, p taylor returns in blowout @CIN

Cleveland Browns: When quarterbacks threw to receivers Craig Robertson (-15.0 to +3.5) was covering in 2013, they had an NFL Passer Rating of 128.1 which was the fifth-highest in the league for middle/inside linebackers. This was partially thanks to him allowing five receiving touchdowns. In 2014 he has yet to allow a touchdown, and when quarterbacks throw his way he has allowed an NFL Passer Rating of 71.5 which is fifth-best in the league for middle/inside linebackers. ~ PFF
dal - LB mcclain 0% carter 82% wilber 24% hitchens 86%

DL a spencer 35% melton 48% d lawrence 59% j crawford 59% selvie 45%

DB church 77% heath 24% s moore 76% patmon 3%

durant ir, t crawford out, j crawford returns v JAX @london

Brandon George - Dallas Morning News, Sportswriter
Cowboys athletic trainers appear to be giving S Barry Church a concussion test on sideline. Jeff Heath in game.
den - LB marshall 100% steven johnson 30% c nelson 0% DL ware 52% DB roby 70% q carter 70%

trevathan ir, irving out, heavy dime in blowout @OAK

det - LB whitehead 64% bynes 33% palmer 11%

DL mosley 69% j jones 70% g johnson 48% ansah 59% DB vaughn 67%

lawson, bentley + tulloch ir, gorrer cut, fairley out, mosley returns v MIA

gb - LB hawk 100% barrington 26% peppers 71% c matthews 76% perry 53% neal 67%

DL daniels 56% j boyd 47% da jones 20%

DB shields 86% williams 74% hayward 46% house 30% burnett 69% hyde 79% dix 100% s richardson 30%

lattimore out in blowout v CHI

Green Bay — Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy was so excited about his bye-week adjustment on defense that he had to give everyone a hint during the week of preparation for the Chicago Bears.

McCarthy said there would be a change that people would notice, but he never said it would involve his best player on defense playing a completely different position.

But there it was at the start of the Packers' home matchup with the Bears on national television Sunday night: Clay Matthews was at inside linebacker
hou - BYE

ind - BYE

jax - LB hayes 50% t smith 50% j thomas 100% d watson 55% laaarooyyy reynolds 0% DL r davis 50% ch smith 20%

DB mccray 100% gratz 100% s martin 50%

poz + a branch ir, ball + blackmon ir'd, a colvin still not active (NFI), j george out, d watson returns v DAL @london

Signature Stat: While Clemons has five sacks on the season, his 4.4 Pass Rushing Productivity is last among 4-3 defensive ends who have played at least half of their team’s passing plays. ~ PFF

edit: 11/11 d watson cut

kc - LB mauga 100% jmj 41% hali 100% d ford 3% j mays 0%

DB s smith 100% parker 100% c owens 77% gaines 0% abdullah 97% berry 100% coleman 37% cooper 0%

j fleming out, j mays activated, c owens returns, parker back to cb + heavy db usage @BUF

mia - LB jenkins 100% misi 97% wheeler 31% trusnik 6% DL wake 79% vernon 82% jordan 45%

DB finnegan 66% optimus grimes 100% delmas 100% re jones 97% j wilson 67% taylor 34%

m thomas ir, sheppard out, finnegan inj @DET

min - BYE

nep - BYE

nos - LB humber 97% DB k lewis 58% p robinson 65% dixon 17% m ball 3%

hawthorne out, k lewis inj v SF

Kenny Vaccaro, S: -5.4

Breakdown: I had high hopes for Vaccaro and Byrd heading into this season. While injury removed Byrd from the equation, Vaccaro has been playing terribly at times and appears to be trying to replace the loss of missed tackles created by the departure of Malcolm Jenkins.

Signature Stat: Vaccaro missed another two tackles in this game, and now has 15 misses on the season. He has only had two games without a miss, but has two with three or more ~ PFF
Saints CB Keenan Lewis will have a Monday MRI on his knee.
Lewis was ruled out for the day in the second quarter of Sunday's loss to the Niners, but then came back on the field to hobble around in nickel and dime situations. His knee was very swollen after the game.
nyg - LB j williams 100% j mcclain 100% d kennard 34%

DL jpp 100% kiwanuka 62% ayers 50% de moore 5% m kuhn 34% c jenkins 28%

DB drc 94% bowman 97% hosley 66% s brown 55% demps 44% chykie brown 9%

thurmond, mcbride, beason, + amukamara ir, c jenkins returns, chykie brown signed @SEA

• Both Quintin Demps and Stevie Brown played some at free safety. Demps was benched for part of the contest and finished with 28 snaps. Brown had 35, although some were in three-safety looks.
nyj - DB c pryor 0% landry 100% jarrett 100% marcus williams 95% a allen 5% k wilson 47% p adams 95%

milliner ir, walls out v PIT

Jets first-round SS Calvin Pryor was benched in Week 10 for being late to multiple meetings this season

New York Jets: Inside linebacker Demario Davis (-11.5 to +2.2) had a Tackling Efficiency of 7.7 which was the fifth-worst of 40 qualifying inside/middle linebackers in 2013 thanks to 14 total missed tackles. So far in 2014 he has only missed three tackles which has led to a third-best 21.7 Tackling Efficiency among 44 qualifying linebackers.. ~ PFF
oak - LB burris 94% s moore 94% mack 82% r armstrong 6% DL c wilson 31% mayowa 55% tuck 50%

DB b ross 94% hayden 71% l asante 99%

roach, u young, woodley ir, chekwa, c rogers, + carrie out, hayden inj while blown out v DEN

phi - LB kendricks 80% acho 38% matthews 37% graham 49% m smith 12% DL curry 45%

DB n allen 100% boykin 27% carroll 34%

d ryans ir, wolff out, n allen + m smith return in blowout v CAR

Only Buster Skrine has been targeted more than Fletcher has this season ~ PFF

pit - LB spence 61% v williams 39% moats 39% j harrison 66%

DB mccain 100% c allen 0% w allen 100% a blake 39%

j jones shorty ir, i taylor, shazier + polamalu out @NYJ

sd - BYE

sea - LB wright 100% irvin 74% coyle 26% pierre-louis 60% m morgan 12% DL mebane 22%

DB j johnson 100% lane 54% maxwell 40% burley 19% simon 60% shead 0%

wagner, m smith. + chancellor out, lane + maxwell return, mebane inj v NYG

sf - LB wilhoite 99% borland 86% a lynch 100% DL ian williams 14% mcdonald 86%

DB culliver 99% j ward 52% brock 23%

willis, + skuta out, t brock returns @NOS

stl - LB dunbar 35% DL donald 62% hayes 64% sims 68%

DB t johnson 48% ej gaines 97% j jenkins 73% mcdonald 100% mcleod 100% l joyner 8% barron 50%

j jenkins returns @ARI

tb - LB foster 100% lansanah 52% DL english 59% j smith 47%

DB goldson 91% m wright 98% mcdougald 20% c butler 76% banks 92% frey 26% l johnson 23% b dixon 21%

m johnson + verner out v ATL

ten - LB woodyard 81% a williamson 95% DB bww 100% sensabaugh 31% g wilson 94% d stafford 21% m huff 0%

c sensabaugh returns @BAL

Tennessee Titans: With the Broncos, linebacker Wesley Woodyard (-4.5 to +4.7) was allowing a high 1.07 Yards Per Coverage Snap which was eighth-worst among the 35 qualifying inside/middle linebackers. This year with the Titans he is fifth-best at 0.64. ~ PFF
was - BYE

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