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snap, crackle, and more SNAPS! III -- this time it's 2014! (1 Viewer)

Heck yeah we give a crap! By the way, thank you for posting this info all season long. Great stuff.

Agreed. Any word on Keenan Robinson's availability for the upcoming two weeks? I'm seeing that he will be updated later this week.
Skins play on Saturday this week, so that could hurt Keenan's chance to play this week. We probably won't have a good idea until Wed/Thursday.

I'm interested to see Rolando McClain, David Hawthorne, and Will Compton
Mcclain was 73% of only 55 and hawthorne was 87% of 60

I'll fill the rest of the teams in between 6 and 10 tonight if anybody gives a crap
Marshall and Borland are out this week and Sio Moore just went on IR, so yeah I give a crap about the rest of the teams' snaps. I've got some replacements to find!
Interesting. Kennard is putting up very good numbers while only playing 55% of the snaps in Wk14 and 70% in Wk 15.

Thanks for putting up these stats all season Larry.

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that pretty much wraps it for this year ----- I hope this helped at least 1 person out there and GL in all your superbowls !!!!!!!

I've got maybe a couple thoughts on spot plays I'll probably wait a day or two to discuss, not that they're all that insightful

Wtf KoolAid! Thank you for all the info this year. Definitely helped me think/talk football without giving away info to my opponents.

Question about the Chargers defensive back, Gilchrist, Addae, and Weddle. Does Gilchrist play deep with the other two in or near the box? I got burned with Gilchrist but this may help other this week.

this is isn't from watching them play, but I was always under the impression that gilchrist played closer to the line with weddle at fs, but I could be wrong.

I know a year or 2 ago I touched the hot stove thinking gilchrist was a good scoop, much to my chagrin.

edit: I think maybe they use gilchrist as a slot corner, when they need one, with addae rotating in at ss.

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