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Some Guy I Never Heard of from the Colts Arrested (1 Viewer)

If you're an NFL player with more than two brain cells you'd think you would be extra careful in regards to owning/using a gun right now.

I think the question nobody is asking is how could the colts have this guy on their roster and not have known this kind of thing would happen.


Colts S Joe Lefeged says the gun charges against him are "drummed up."
Lefeged was finally released from a Washington, D.C. jail Tuesday after being arrested on Saturday. Lefeged has been charged with carrying a firearm without a license, possessing an unregistered firearm and ammunition and possessing a firearm in a motor vehicle. A 2011 undrafted free agent, Lefeged has appeared in all 16 games each of the past two seasons.

Source: WJLA.com

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