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start 2 QB league-QB problems (1 Viewer)


I have a team that is 9-1 but with the injury to Cousins started looking a lot worse.
my third string QB (Tannehill) got injured and has since lost his starting job.

I was able to pickup Heinecke but now the team likely is going to go back to Riddler (for at least a while)

so that leaves me with one QB only.

nobody projected to start is on the wire so i have very little in the way of options.

all the offers have been nasty because nobody wants to help the 9-1 team to a championship.

Nobody really is wanting WR but I am strong at RB. my 3 RB are Jacobs, Kyren Williams and Pacheco.

I might be able to unload one of them to get a QB

most likely QB I may be able to get:

1) Derek Carr
2) Trevor Lawrence
3) Matt stafford (if the last place team is willing to throw in the towel on the year.... dicey odds at best)

another option is I could look at doing an overpay for a scrub QB Like Zach Wilson for a WR. its an overpay but I think hed trade him for Hopkins

a ripoff to be sure but a warm body I can start so I'm not getting a goose egg at the QB position

This is where the QB premium really comes into play. If you want a top-half starter at this point (and in your shoes) you're going to have to pay up for him.

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