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Start Cook Tonight? (1 Viewer)


D. Cook should be active tonight. Would you start him? My other options besides Gurley is Michel or K. Johnson.


I would start K. Johnson.  I wouldn't play Cook on a short week against the Rams front 7 with the Vikes O-line hurting again.

I would play Kerryon as well. I am playing Cook, but only because my other option is Dion Lewis. If I had a better option I'd sit Cook.

Cook is supposed to go but be on a "pitch count".  He's going against the Rams, so I'm not confident they're going to play through the RB anyway.  And then there's last week where they went away from Murray after they went down to Buffalo.  I'm benching Cook for Chris Carson and crossing my fingers - he's coming off a big game and going against the Cardinals.  If I was you I'd probably cross my fingers and go with Michel (if you prefer Kerryon above Michel I'd go with him and bench Cook).


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