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Jason Taylor's questionable and now I have to make a decision earlier on whether or not to play him sooner with the game tomorrow. I'm thinking the earlier game will only hurt him health wise and I'm planning on starting Will Smith instead. My other DEs are Vanden Bosch, who I'm also starting, and Kalimba Edwards, who is questionable and on my bench.Thanks :thumbup:

Rough choice here- as a Taylor owner I can attest to what he can do on the field but the situation is a bad one where he probably will only see about a half of action. However, I still am considering starting him. Especially on wet turf, DE's have a huge advantage over their O-line counterparts as they have a set destination and can use the slipperyness of the turf to their advantage- and taylor is one hell of a smart guy. However the matchup for Taylor is terrible for sacks whereas Smith's sack probability will be much greater against the Rams. Tackles will be there for both teams pretty equally i must say but the matchup is :thumbup: for Will Smith- against Alex Barron who allowed Robert Mathis to beast it up last week. Now that i just said this, Will Smith might actually be a great spot start this weekend.

He missed practice yesterday to be with his wife giving birth. It sounds like he won't play, so I'm going with Smith. :thumbup:

Rotoworld just report that Taylor will indeed be playing tonight. Either way, Roaf is not the most favorable matchup under the sun.


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