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Starting up $125 Draft Empire league & $125 Auction Empi (1 Viewer)


I am starting up a $125 CBSSports auction EMPIRE and $125 CBSSports draft EMPIRE league.

Both leagues are start up 12-team, PPR leagues.

In each league you can keep up to three players from your roster for upcoming seasons. If you win the league two seasons in a row, you win the bonus EMPIRE pool that acculumulates each season and the keeper leagues would then start from scratch.

The auction league has free agent acquisition bidding while the draft uses 3rd round reversal in drafting and waivers for free agents.

Both leagues will be hosted on LeagueSafe.com for prize payouts and prize awarding.

The draft will be on Wednesday August 28, the auction will be on Thursday August 29.

If you win the league two years in a row, you will win the bonus EMPIRE pool ($25 per paying owner per season) and the league will start from scratch the next season in this EMPIRE format.

If interested in joining, email brian.harwood@insightbb.com today!

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