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starting WR/FLEX help (1 Viewer)


10 team PPR 2 keeper league...As we speak, I have my line up set at 


WR...thielen / j. brown

RB...kamara / conner



Im not so sure about brown and I have cortland sutton, kerryon johnson, dj moore and cook on my bench...I seem to always NOT play brown when he goes off and play him, when he ####s himself...do I replace him for sutton? maybe moore? possible both and take out jones and brown? any help is appreciated...leave ur ?? so I can help ya also..

Ive been trying to trade for davante adams but not sure who to offer up to pry him away...I also have cousins and hes week at QB (wilson/mayfield) and RB (zeke/mccoy) who do you think I throw at him that may peak his interest...cousins and johnson for adams and wilson?? or just adams?

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Dj Moore for Brown for sure. In the flex that is tougher but go with the crowd and start the new toy this week at home, Sutton.

any thoughts on trying to trade for adams? or should I just stand pat w/ what I have
In order to get Adams for a QB you'd have to move Rodgers which you probably don't want to do. Cousins isn't any better than what they have already. I would try and move Connor to the Bell owner though. RB is your potentially weakest link going forward, not WR.

I own DJ Moore and my opponent is starting John Brown - so slam dunk in favor of Brown.

Cousins + K Johnson for Davante Adams would be a generally fair trade - I highly doubt he'd include Wilson along with that.  Maybe some lesser RB on his bench or Mayfield.  Or look on WW - if there is anybody attractive on there (at any position - maybe to cover a bye in weeks 10-12) then the 2 for 1 would work out well for you.

Brown is definitely playable, which is the case on most weeks. But I really like D.J. Moore this week against TB, especially with how he's been recently. I'd lean Moore for the upside

I think I'm gonna go moore and brown this week and see how Sutton and jones play out in their new roles...

so the guy wont budge on adams unless I trade him kamara..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA um no way....so I guess I keep what I have


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