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Saw this on draftsharks.com what do you guys think?

McNair, Steve (QB) Tennessee Titans Mar 14, 2006 3:02 PM

How Does Brees Affect McNair?

With the Saints signing Drew Brees there could be a chain reaction that directly affects Titans QB Steve McNair. New Orleans has the #2 pick in the draft and are obviously not taking Matt Leinart now. Tennessee, who picks #3, would love to reunite Leinart with OC Norm Chow from USC (does anyone really believe they want Vince Young?). The Titans already optioned off McNair's contract with a $1 million fee that raises his 2006 compensation to $10 million but voids the last 3 years of his deal. He's still currently under contract but counts $23 million on the cap. No way he gets a new contract with Leinart lurking at the #3 pick. "They could cut him any time," said Bus Cook, McNair's agent. Backup QB Billy Volek is still around but they just declined his option and want to trade him.

I do not see any way they cut McNair and trade Volek leaving them only with whoever they draft.

And I still believe they are higher on Cutler than the other two.

Many people are making such a big deal about Chow...yet he does not make the decisions...that would be Floyd Reese. Especially after Chow's first year as an OC in the NFL was less than stellar.

Reprortedly McNair's agent is playing hard ball. There is a good chance McNair gets cut for real. No one talks about it for some reason..

McNair is taking the Titans nowhere. They should drop the hatchet, re-sign Volek and let him compete with Leinart (or Young if Leinart is gone).


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