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What move would you make

  • Take a Zero on defense, do not drop anyone

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  • drop a valued backup, never take a zero at any position

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  • drop the Kicker and pick up what ever defense has the best value that week

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I carry one defense as I am sure many of you do.

I also have a whole lot of backups at WR and RB and while they are not all Studs they are certainly not Waiver wire material and I have no desire to drop any of them.

Still points lost from a defense which is on bye could be significant and could cost you that weeks game.

In my own situation for example I will drop my only kicker Prater while NE is on Bye in week 4 if that drop will net me a good defensive matchup and at this moment the Bills are still available who will face the Rams that week. I risk losing Prater at kicker for following weeks but it is a risk worth taking for me.

I am curious what your strategy is on this. How do you approach it?

so chime in

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