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Strength of Schedule (1 Viewer)

The Shizzle

Ok, 12 team league, 3 divisions. For our 06 Draft, 2 teams are tied at 6-8 and 2 teams are tied at 7-7. The available draft spots are 3, 4, 5, 6. What is the correct order to determine tie breaking procedures (as the NFL would do it). 2nd Question. How do you determine strength of schedule? I assumed it was comparing the records of opponents in your wins....is that right?-each team plays division teams twice and out of division teams once, so we all have common opponents.Any help here?

Why not use total points scored?FF is different from regular NFL. The amount of points your FF team scores is not dependent upon the opponent they face. In the NFL, it can be...big difference in facing CHI or SFO.


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